Episode 183 : Win 2 Million Gold Box Challenge!

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Last we saw on Page 1, I got the boxes for the contest set up, Hannah test it to make sure they work, and a wandering vistior to my house is the first true contestant! However, I'm not fully done, I need to set up a barkeep at the box even to say the rules to any showing up and I'm too busy to talk, and lock down a book with the rules and information at the box itself.

Oh, and in case I'm busy when someone does win, I put a book with my ICQ # in the boat!

And the barkeep is set up right away, and the book is locked down.
I start hitting the message boards and invite the Shard to come try their luck, and wit, against
this Two Million Gold Challenge!

Someone asked if there is a time limit, or amount of tries...

Newcomers are still baffled at this generous and simple act of charity!

I got my wish, however Zmey recalled out so I wouldn't get the visual pleasure
of seeing him fall down - no matter, I know you didn't live Zmey!

Just to be double sure what I'm doing is legal (I am in Trammel after all) I page a GM
for a ruling on the event's legality.

Kalex is no longer a Lord ><

I didn't even think of setting up a vendor with Healing and Curing supplies, what a great idea!

Well, it was the thought that counts, Orange Petals do nothing against DEADLY Poison!

The contest is underway, and a few participants are racking their brains.

Now, on to page 3!

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