Episode 183 : Win 2 Million Gold Box Challenge!

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There must have been something in the air this weekend. Arkyn quit, and gave all his stuff away. LizzyT held a contest and gave away gold. Galad played Hide and Seek, and gave millions to whomever found him. All these acts of generosity touched my soul, however what they all lacked was the one key element that I love most - death, and lots of it!

So, time for me to host a charity contest, with death!

This was very simple to set up! I got a Anais to make me 30 boxes - all were Deadly Trapped with Poison and Explosions. I put one box in another in another in another etc etc, and the very innermost box had a ship key, which lead to a ship with Two Million gold in the hold.

Trust me when I say it's easier said than done, why, I died 30 times just making sure all the boxes were good and setting them up!

Once all the boxes were in each other, off to set up the Prize Money!


Next, I had to make triple sure that the boxes were all in the right position to actually give damage and a boat key was still in the last box. Safest way - put all the boxes on a vendor! They don't deal damage that way, and Galad was nearby dropping 5k gold checks and many folks were following him around in hopes to get rich!

Once I got the boxes at my house, I had to test that a non-friend of the house could open them, and die before publiclly announcing the event. The only person online that was fitting of this gruesome test, was Hannah!

While Hannah Deleone is watching her life pass before her eyes, someone visiting the Rune Library comes up to see what we are up to. Well, it seems I'm ready to start the event, so I invite him to be the first true participant while Hannah slowly croaks!

Oh ya, forgot the vital piece of information!

Who can resisit? No Entry Fee, No real Rules (later I had to adopt the rule No YOUNGS), and all you gotta do is open 30 boxes!

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