Episode 137 - 8/30/01 - A visit to the Ophidian Lair

In my never ending pursuit to mark some more "Instant Death Runes", I take my stealther to the Orphidian Lair in hopes to mark a rune first on the roof of the Lair, and then inside. 

If you have NEVER been here - there's a good reason, the spawn is INSANE. 
I'm not inside their Lair yet, this is just the welcoming committee!

Now I'm inside!

I get myself on top of the roof, there's only ONE warrior. I log in my Tamer/Bard and bring the Mare to kill him, and invite Jazon to join me on the roof. However, as soon as my tamer recalled, instead of one warrior on the roof, there were at least TWENTY of these things on the roof! They came after me, I peacemaked and recalled....

I return with my stealther, and now the entire roof is empty!  Jazon apparently recalled after after my Tamer 
and didn't get far! It seems this roof is very buggy - sometimes they spawn UNDER it, sometimes above it. 

Well, I need a new plan to mark runes inside. The original plan was to have Jazon stay on the roof, I drop down and run in to mark, however it seems sometimes they spawn on the roof...so I have to think of a Plan B. 

Then I remember Belan's stunt when she hired a large number of Paladins to slay the Shadow Wyrm! What a Plan!

After a few minutes, I gathered myself quite an army of Bait! 
While the Ophidians are busy with these Paladins, I'll be able to run in and mark!

As soon as we arrive, I tell the Paladins to guard me, and all hell breaks loose...

Well, the Paladins are doing a fine job, no Ophidians are on the rooftop, but
all the ones below now targeted them! I am safe to jump down and start marking runes!

This wasn't the smartest place to drop down to, Can you 
even see me among them all?

I successfully mark 5 runes to various places inside their Lair!

Now why did I do this you ask?


Well to host contest of course!

See next episode!