9/01/01 - 5,000 gold Contest  Round 2!

In the last episode, I marked a nice "Death Rune" that's located
inside the Orphidian Lair, which is now alongside with my Rat-Fort Rune!

Now that I have a new "Death Rune", time to go host a contest!

First up is Minstrel. I should have confiscated his instruments, for he's a bard much like myself...


BAH to Bards!


Well, everyone knows you can find contestants at the Bank!


Sigh, it seems the Orphidian Lair Rune isn't as good as I was hoping!

I pull out my trusty Rat Fort Rune since the Orphidian Fort isn't working out for me. 
However, I'm not sure which "unknown location" rune it is, so I send Ceclia Colomba in to check it out...

Yup, that's the rune! And it seems we have a new contestant!


I get Ceclia back, but it seems Mordor won't be returning!


Enough of the bank, lets hit a moongate!

My, what a grumpy contestant. He agrees to do it, but wants to get away from the moongate.
I think to myself, sure, not a problem!

Egads! It seems Vishok believes the contest is a waste of time, and I'm carrying the prize
money on me! Luckily, I'm a bard and can calm his nerves with my lovely music!

That's all for tonight folks!