Episode 130 : Crazy Joe -- Wanted, DEAD! 
To the Keep!

As I run back down the main hallway, Amurayi and Garcia Vega think
they have me trapped! Silly them, it is them who have trapped themselves. Seeing how
I can't get out this way, I turn back around! That's when I notice the pesky Dragoona has returned! 

Garcia Vega really needs to work on his Energy Field Placement. 
Actually on second thought he doesn't, he's doing quite well for me. 

I finally make it outside, and it seems everyone is still wondering if I'm even 
still around, so I give them a good view of me!

I actually picked the Keep because of Galad! This used to be his
hunting grounds, and since the opening of Trammel it's only visited by Tamers after a nightmare. 
It's time the Keep saw some Looting and Killing! 


I decide since everyone's dying and nobody's Looting, I have 
to take that responsibility as well. Even though I do turn gray, I doubt 
my life will expire anytime soon. Thankfully Dragoona unknowingly leads the spawn away!


A foolish Tamer has arrived to tame herself a mare. How unfortunate for her that
a whole merry band of us arrived to foil her attempts!

Time for more Looting!

Garcia Vega is fast at casting Paralyze, however Im just as fast as opening my pouches.
I actually run out of my 10 pouches, and use the looted regs to retrap more than half of them!

 ----------- The Final Stand!  ------>