Episode 130 : Crazy Joe -- Wanted, DEAD!
To the Keep!

The contest has been going for 45 minutes.
I'm Amazed that I'm still alive. I decide it's time to wind this
contest up, and get myself near the Collector of Souls to release him.

From this point on, things got so hairy I didn't take screenshots!
However, I released the Collector and ran south, and in that small hallway Garcia Vega cast another
Energy field, this time very well placed blocking me inside the hallway with 3 Ophidians behind me and then the Collector.
Garcia Trapped himself though, for behind him were metal doors with Terethan Avengers behind it! I Kept Chuging my Strength, Heal, Refresh, and Cure Potions and kept applying bandages, and finally the energy field wore off and I ran straight though Garcia Vega and the Terethans! Amazing! I survived! I actually ran out into the swamps again still in shock.

However the objective was to finally finish this contest, so I hold my breath and run back inside the Keep, but this time Fate finally catches up with me.

I am trapped with everyone around me, and I'm out of Refresh Potions.
I looted so many off corpses, but it wasn't enough. I keep banging my potion keys, knowing that the
orphidians and Terethans are targeting everyone else and hopefully they will be killed along with me!

There's that pesky Dragoona yet again! The orphidians are helping me!
 I'm actually still at full health!

I have my eye on my backpack, and sure enough
Dragoona stole the Rune to my very own house. She automatically
wins the Valorite Armor! But what of the Shadow Plate?

As you can see, my plan A worked. Everyone has either died or
ran away to save their own life. However now the Orphidan has turned onto me. I try to
run to the stairs you see on left as fast as possible!

However I can't get too far.
Notice my corpse is Green/blue. I didn't rob anyone tonight.
I remained an innocent the entire time! Amazing that a thief such as myself
didn't rely on my own skills to survive - but this was for a good reason.
Whosoever loots my Grandmaster Shadow Plate armor now must survive for
two mintues before they can recall to safety, for looting me is a criminal act!
Dragoona comes out of hiding and quickly start to loot, and Rbid Chicken stands there
hodling his spellbook, which he later explained as he was trying to steal the rune from Dragoona, but didn't realize he had the book in his hands the entire time. Dragoona not only stole the winning rune, she looted the entire suit of Shadow Plate!

Way to Go Dragoona!

Dragoona may not have killed me, however she surely outlooted and outwitted everyone else!

Let it be known that the killing blow did not come from any players, but from a monster!

I just had to scare them a tad before handing over the valorite!