Episode 130 : Crazy Joe -- Wanted, DEAD!
To the Keep!

Dragoona and Rabid Chicken are the first to arrive,
Dragoona was wise and bought up some tracking for the event and found me
right away standing just inside the Keep! However she has low Magery and fails Reveal often!
Next time hon, carry purple potions.

Dragoona is good! Her Tracking doesn't allow me to escape far from her.
However in this Keep, knowing where I am is only a fraction of your concern, the Monsters here
don't take kindly to strangers, and they are some of the toughest monsters found in the world!

I stay inside the keep for about 10 minutes - only Dragoona and Rabid Chicken are brave enough to venture inside here, and that is really upsetting. I run outside and see everyone just standing around wondering where I am. Fools! You think I made this contest easy for you? If you wish to kill me, you must work for it!

Right about now Arkyn and Hydra Squeeze noticed something.
They just commited a criminal act. I came here as a thief, however I have committed no crimes!
I am innocent in the eyes of the law. Jack of Shadows actually came with him warrior not to kill me, but
to Noto anyone trying to kill me. I thank Jack for his assistance, I think he had as much fun as I did!

I came fully prepared for this night, I carry about 40 red potions on me. I allow them all to
box me in, and allow the ophidians to come play with my captors, then drink a few potions and make my escapse!

Squirrel Pope seems to have played with the ophidians a wee bit too long.

I encircle the entire swamp of the Keep, and yet again Dragoona and Rabid Chicken are the
only ones brave enough to try and hunt me down. Soon another named Arakis joins them in the search.

Rabid Chicken decides to try poisoning me, however I got a large stash
of cure potions! (which coincide with my 8x8 macro, darnit) Alur Sarol seems
to have found me finally, however he won't be able to harm me!


Dragoona almost bites the dust trying to reveal me!

Squirrel Pope, my biggest Fan supposedly decided to Brave the Keep!
Uh Uh, Squirrel Pope is GM Detect Hidden! Run Forrest Run!

Poor Dragoona, she didn't realize Pope and Chicken were running
through this corridor so many times trying to find me, they led a massive
Spawn right inside! She finds herself blocked and pulls off a teleport just in time to die.


Amurayi, Guildmaster of S|S Finally decides to come inside as well!

Gimme Five! Up High, Down Low! Tooooo Slow!

Sensing it's getting a tad crowded inside the Keep, I decide it's time to make my way back outside!

---------- Will someone Kill me Soon? ------>