Episode 130 : Crazy Joe -- Wanted, DEAD!

I slip into Grandmaster made Shadow Plate armor,  I'm going to Trammel to sell some stolen items and I need to look good. However some prankster has replaced my Moongate Recall rune with a rune to the Terathan Keep! I find myself in the bowels of the Keep with nothing but a recall rune to my very own house - however I have no recall reagents or scrolls. I am stuck here, with no escape, and carrying some of the finest armor I have ever worn. What's worse is a full suit of Valorite Plate armor is at my house, unsecured!! Unless I can recall off this rune to get home, it will be lost! Word has spread throughout the land that I am trapped in the Keep with no escape - and many brave warriors and thieves are coming to relieve me of my precious belongings. All they must do is follow me to my own demise, and recall off the rune in the Scoundrels' Cove Town Hall.

Paybacks are hell. 

This contest is something I wanted to do for a long time, however my ping to Atlantic was horrible for the past few months. Just this week it finally improved, so I didn't delay in this contest. My Thief carried all the items I described above, and I did go to the Keep without any recall regs, scrolls, or book charges. There was no way for me to leave this place, and I came here prepared to die and be looted. If you don't know, I do have a Grandmaster Smith, however he sells NO armor, since I am famous I make sure anyone who gets anything with my name on it earns it! (he does sell Deadly Poisoned weapons though, but that's it!) With my thief fully suited up, I log him out inside the Keep, and log in my Mule to finish decorating the Scoundrel's Cove Town Hall just hours before the event.

Nobody honestly knows yet which Dungeon I have chosen for this event. As a gag, I pretend to
screw up a party system message to Chaotic Jelly, and hopefully they will think I'm actually going to Deceit!

An hour later more people arrive ready to for the contest. Again
I decide to throw them a curve ball! I locked a room on the steps titled,
"Pre Quest", which actually led to the Ice Dungeon Rat Fort!

I decide to serve up some hospitality in our new
Bar that overlooks the ocean. Donovan however is
chosen to be the first victim of many bar brawls to happen in the future.

I attempt to keep Donovan's remains for sentimental value!
The Decorations are done, so I load up my Tamer to
bring a Lava Lizard to clear out the bar, "You don't have to go home, but
you can't stay here folks!"


Right before the contest is to start, an interesting individual named "Grace Slick"
asked us if we are the Thieves that occupy this beach, and accuses us of
gank-killing and stealing. I have no clue what she's talking about, but evidently
Rabid Chicken was gray in town and two of her guildmates attacked, and DIED!
She foolishly commits an act of crime on the very edge of town, which is in the
guard zone! Silly Grace!

She accuses us of cheating, saying she wasn't in the guard zone!
We decide to fib and say we are all using a third party program called
Extendguardzone.exe. She is not amused.

She Calls a GM on us!

Someone cast poison on me, and yet the guards do not appear. Why?
My tamer released the lizard earlier, which made me a criminal - that's my best guess.
I honestly have no clue why the guards didn't come this time. She then accuses us of also
using a cheat that allows us to cast poison in town!

Sadly, she decided to rob someone else and was guardwacked yet again.
We had our giggles, was time for the contest to start!

------ To the Keep ------>