5/29/01 - Crazy Joe goes back to Trammel Looting!

Yup, that's right. The Disarm thief has decided to visit Trammel after a long hiatus and go looting!
What better place to go looting than the Cove Orc Fort? 

The moment I arrive, I find a corpse, and it goes to bones within seconds!


I return to the fort and find two fellas camping on their "Public" boat. 
Since the Plank is unlocked, I decide to go aboard!

Wow! What placement. This is a fine spot. I sure wish I had a boat here. 

Ironically, I was totally out of bandages, I found 637 in the hold. 
* Yoink *

Time for the ol' Recall and Hide Maneuver.



It only took 3 minutes for them to disembark into the orc fort, and
I made my move! I set sail for the longest straightest path south, and recalled back to the fort just in time to....

Place my own boat!  Didn't I just say I wished I had a boat here?

Not more than 5 minutes my ICQ is ringing!

Seems someone has found interest in my boat!
I quickly go change my name and disguise, Crazy Joe is now known as someone else!


This isn't a lie. The place WAS empty.


I was hoping to join his guild, however I guess I can have fun in Felucca!
I am a Grandmaster Warrior ! (GM Arms Lore!)
We agree to meet at the Magenica Beach, aka Scoundrel's Beach!

------  Off to Felucca we go! ------->