5/29/01 - Crazy Joe goes back to Trammel Looting! PART 2

<----- Did you read Part 1? --------

Well, I was surprised I was challenged to a duel in Felucca so quickly,
but not as shocked as actually seeing my challenger arrive at Scoundrel Beach!

I loot his kill and Flag gray, and the fun begins!

I do have a problem with a few other thieves hanging out at my house and
snooping this guy, I just wanted them aware and let them watch, however
some decided to join in the fun. I can not be held responsible for the actions
of other thieves!

Three Grandmaster made weapons so far, and he decides to leave...

We heckle him for his actions, and he returns again!

He doesn't realize I'm the one disarming him?!?!
Actually - it's funny how he said this and I failed to disarm!

He's out of weapons, and runs to the bank!

I start to cast poison on him, and with 30 magery it's pretty sad.
on top of that he is a Grandmaster Healer, so my efforts are useless.

I missed the next shot, he said, "if you wasnt a thief you'd be dead"
Then he decided to say it's not fair I'm being a mage. I'm confused how
30 magery and casting a 3rd level spell (and failing often) makes me a mage!

In the middle of this conversation, he disarms his katana for me.


I finally had enough, and bank all the weapons.

And to think he challenged me to come to Felucca?

You think he ever will do that to anyone else again?