3/29/01 - "Chaotic Jelly's Retirement Fund" Contest!

Plan B - Change into a Disguise!

A dirty trick indeed! It was part of my plan all along sadly, 
since I am a thief and in the company of other Thieves, It's
only fitting that I change into Disguise. The only problem is 
Game Cam would reveal me within a few minutes, so I had to act fast!

I show up at the bank and act like one of the
contestants, a few people actually fall for it, but 
soon "Rabid Chicken", a guild mate shows up and sees
my name is Green! Opps! The Jig is up!

Rabid Chicken is VERY upset - he stole one of the bags
with a 1 gold check and didn't find it all too humorous!

OH NO! Where to now??