3/29/01 - "Chaotic Jelly's Retirement Fund" Contest!

We left off with me "stuck" on a ledge at the castle!

Carmyn gets a lucky break and he makes it up there with me!
I wonder if Carmyn is after the check? 

Someone attacks Carmyn so they can clear up that ONE tile
and Carmyn realizes he is Perma Gray! (or maybe I blurted it out?)

I am being attacked by three others, Poison spells and an archer. 
Other contestants are quick to try and keep me alive, while I 
now realize I forgot to bring my boots of Invisibility! I burn through
all my bandages and need to make a pit stop, I didn't expect Carmyn to 
show up and want me to try and keep him alive!

However, the only bank rune I have is the one right 
across the moat, folks see me recall almost instantly. 

I get to the ground and folks try to find me. Someone says it would be easier
if they all form a wall. I'm not a Bone Knight, so I'm totally confused. 

Hydro Squeegee is intent on killing me!
He cares not for 200k, only my head. Even though I will keep the 200k,
I do wish someone could steal it, so I elude him as best as possible.

This guy really wants me dead !
Desperate times call for Desperate Measures!