3/29/01 - "Chaotic Jelly's Retirement Fund" Contest!

Well folks, this week Chaotic Jelly announced he quit Ultima Online, this time for real. He gave me all his in-game possessions, which I have sifted through and I found a worthless 200,000 gold check. Since everyone wanted a piece of his wealth, and everyone wants a piece of me, I decided to host a contest! I bought over 100 bags and pouches, and put the 200,000 check in one of those pouches! I also made a few 1 gold checks and put them in other pouches as a gag-prize! 

The contest was easy - simply steal the bag or pouch with the check! To ensure nobody will win by random theft - I put the bag with the check inside another pouch that carried a large chest with my reagents, bandages, and 3 rings of Teleportation that had 10 charges each. The thief that would win this contest will have to actually find the correct pouch! Furthermore, I made it clear if I was KILLED that the contest was over and I would keep the 200,000 gold. 

 The "Gag" prize, five 1 gold checks, is in 5 of the bags, that went in my main pack. Anyone
trying to rob me by a random theft would get one of these, and I bet they won't be happy!
The "winning" bag with the bag is the very bottom left one (I had my rings in that bag and
needed to reach them easily in case I goofed and closed the pack with my rings!)

The contest starts! I decide that for 200k, 
they need to come find me instead of me hanging around
the bank!

This is a famous rooftop! (Episode 56) My very first episode is from this roof!
To make the game easy, I have "Crazy Cam" set up. I posted
a link at the Thief Forum for the camera, which refreshes every 5 minutes.
This way no matter where I went, they could eventually find me after
a few minutes. 

After two minutes of my hiding, they think attacking me
will prevent me from hiding again! Sorry guys, I am a
Grandmaster Rogue and this roof is Perfect!

Thanks to Localization, "all attack"
No longer works! His horse is useless! 

Only three random thefts, and I recall to my spot that I saved
just for such a contest!

A few folks wondering where I am see me recall to this spot, 
it's not long until everyone finds out where I am!!

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