3/24/01 - The Book of Enchantments! 
A Quest hosted by GUL on Napa Valley

A quest was announced, to happen on March 24! 


Hail trusted Guardians,

After speaking with the red mages of Shame, I have decided to move fathers treasure from it's current location in the mage tower to a secret vault.

It seems that the red mages have been under attack and Kahn's ‘Book of Enchantments’ is no longer safe.

Even though the chest that contains this tome is protected by a powerful curse, I feel it prudent to move these treasures to the Vault of Tagnik'zur, deep in Dungeon Shame.

This is where I need your help my dear and trusted friends.
I will be transferring this chest Saturday, March 24, 2001 between 9:00-11:00 PM PST to the secret vault.

Because of the fantastic wealth it holds, I will need all available
Guardians to insure my safe passage.

--Adamodious Anthias

The prize was a log cabin placed in Feluca, and a check totaling 100,000 gold.  The plan is simple - Someone would have to get the chest to receive the house, and someone had to kill Adam Ant to get the 100,000 gold. 

Of course, I had to attend! Here are some shots of the "pre Quest Party". GUL waited in a safe area somwhere in the lands, waiting for the right time to converge in Shame at the area where the chest would be - only Adam Ant knew of this location, the rest of us really had no idea where we going. 

First order of business was to get suited up. Since I would be 
under heavy fire, I suited up some of the finest armor, and 
protected myself with Magic Reflection Scrolls. 

I had the opportunity to witness a tradition, before each
great battle there is a fight of the Apes. Early and Tanq 
Polymorph and duke it out. If you asked me, they looked 
like to frustrated apes in heat. 

We arrive at the "safe spot" and we are greated by
a Silver Serpent and a Giant Serpent. Some of the 
mates get itchy and try and kill one another, seems 
impatience is rampant among these ruffians.

"Early" decides to try his hand at commanding the troops...

After all this foolishness, we break up in Teams
and do a few small invasions through out Shame.

Mages go into one group, Warriors into another.

Three of us don't really belong in either group,
so we are known as the "Misfits" of GUL.

Where's the Bloodshed you ask?