3/24/01 - The Book of Enchantments! 
A Quest hosted by GUL on Napa Valley

We are getting ready to go invade Shame, do some quick Pest Control. 
We all flip over to "Adam Vision" and see how it looks down there. We think it would
be wise to avoid the 2nd level teleporter. 

With my help, Beldin quickly dispatches Miranda. 

The time has come. We all arrive at the sacred room, and the
chest appears! 

Looking at this shot, you wouldn't believe at least 10 GUL 
were hidden here waiting for the ones that seek the prize!

Not less than a minute later, they came in a large pack! Several fine warriors and Mages 
walk into the area, and most likely thinking they are in for a simple fight. 

A mage quickly losses her Nightshade, and other GUL slowly
come out of hiding to deal with the tresspassers! 

Now the Warriors start to think this isn't going to be so easy?

After almost all the warriors are taken care of, some Tamer decides to ignore the "Not Pets" 
request and brings along their White Wyrm. It's a little sad for this guild to sponsor such
a contest and make a simple request as 'No Pets' and yet someone brings one. 

As luck would have it, the Wyrm is too busy munching on Earth Elementals to eat GUL. 

I deal with ScatMan, who later runs into the room unarmed and unknowing

I pop over to "Adam Vision" really quick to take a peek, Adam is in position, 
Protecting the chest. 

THE CHEST! Alas someone did break through our defenses!

It came back! Looks like someone found out it's too heavy!

Sadly, the Wyrm made it's way inside. 

The chest is gone again, and this time Adam Ant is pursuing someone. 
I disarm and rob his assailant, buying us time to find the chest. 

Adam Ant falls, and the chest is gone. The contest is over. 
I am near death, and loot some needed items off Adam's Corpse. 

I am a criminal, and hidden among many folks that will readily kill me.
Talk about being in a tight spot!

Finally folks walk away from the area, and I quickly run to safety and recall out!

Alas, I have taken one murder count during tonight's events.

This is how many weapons I 'acquired' tonight.
All in all, it was a fun night!