Back to the Ogre Lord Island, by Crazy Joe

Episode 57  Please read this episode first, it ties into this one directly!

Well, I take myself back to the ogre lord room to try and raise my fame/karma to the point I have "Grandmaster Bard" in my paperdoll. I didn't expect much to happen tonight honestly. I got more than I ever hoped. Go read the 

I remember both these guys from a month ago. 
Do they remember me I wonder. 

My first provoke and I gain, this looks like a 
good sign! 

Well, his attitude is the same, plus
he now has more colorful ways to express
his feelings about the situation. 

Oh please, don't rember me, I'm not
into that type of activity. 


hehe. Call a GM!
I wonder what would happen if I do it one more time?
Let's find out, Shall we?


He's right. There's another Ogre Lord. 
Well, if anyone in S|S Is attacked by this guy, you know why. 



I had to ask...I guess I walked into that one!

How did he know?



No joking. I crashed.