The first visit to the Ogre Lord Island, by Crazy Joe

This adventure actually happened back in October, over a month ago, but is informative for a adventure I had in November.

Carmyn looted a runebook from the ground some time ago, and gave it to me. It was a full Trammel Dungeon book, very handy. I decided to hit Despise and find the Ogre Lord room I heard about. Such an innocent trip I thought....

I find this place busy as heck! I get targeted and fail a provoke and hide.

Yes I was barding, I'm a bard, what did you expect?

Came here to mark a rune for the lockpicker,
and I find people that I think I could learn to annoy quickly.
Looks like my lockpicker won't be logging on anytime soon.


I called him a dork.
Didn't know that was harrassment.

Everything that has spawned so far was less than 5
ogre lord, 2 of which did target me, like that really
justifies my actions. Treat me like shit,
and I'll return the favor.

More of this 'Mine Mine Mine' attitude.

and another.

I was actually going there before they pushed the magic buttons!



I felt like a million bucks hearing that.

yup, that's me!

I'm watching you? What kind of threat is that?
I don't know how to count that in my score card.

I don't wish to give all bards a bad name, just myself.

I have been actually, and I felt one coming up.

I hear a lockpicker, the guy in blue I think.
I try to find out some info...

But evidently he also is harassing everyone.


I wouldn't be too surprised if a sign reading,
"CrazyJoe may not bard here, anyone else may"
appeared overnight.

Everyone recalls out when I mention if the GM shows up
he will read all our journals and will notice they are the ones
harassing me. Since they left, I mark my rune and leave.

A few days later on the Bard Forum, someone
said they almost got banned for hogging a spawn much like
I did, so I didn't go back there for some time.