Episode # ? 

Captain Janks & Crew!

Ahoy! Well, I've known a dirty trick for a few months now....but never had the time to try it out. Lately the trick become more public, and I had fears it won't be long till the Powers that Be would remove this from me. So, I had to act fast! Yblarbo Janks knows Pirates for Hire, they live outside Skara Brae, and are in disguise as Rangers! These are the most impressive archers in the lands! They work for practically pennies, and listen to every command, Therefor, I hired up a few as mates to go looting and plundering at sea!

The crew is cheap, and you get what you pay for. They just now realized I was a murderer!
I did show them that we had a contract, and they had to abide by it nonetheless!

Lucky for us, there was an unlocked ship near the Skara Huts, so we boarded it in hopes
it brings us good luck. 

Sure enough, we found Locke not far from Skara! The crew was bloodthirsty, I couldn't
deny them their wishes. ( I didn't know "all kill" worked again yet!)

Judd and Dede did a fine job!

HAR! Locke's boat was unlocked!

Time we board my own piratin' boat I found at sea. 

They aren't too bright, these hired help. 

OCONNUH was found in my sacred waters where Tunabreath was last spotted, Die Trespasser!

He retreats, and I think he's on the run...

OCONNUH is quite formidable, and cast spells of poison upon my fine magically inept crew! 

Now here's a spell I bet most folks never have seen used !

I meet up with that Wench Guild mistress of mine, Cara Delacroix! She taunts my
crew, and decides to test her luck with them...


I sail home for the night, and nappa is in the Sea Trance practically on my doorsteps!
The Nerve, he must be a spy for the Ministry of Sea Defenses!

Good thing that Wench doesn't hold a grudge, she looted the boat key and handed it to me!
And some spy he was, he was but a petty thief in the wrong place, at the wrong time!

The next night, I got a new crew and set out again!

AstroCreep didn't have much on him worth mentioning, just a few bandages and recall scrolls. However I find a fella sailing nearby named "b" doing things with a ghost. Was quite disgusting I say, and my crew agreed!

Darby O Rourke, a Pirate in Training arrives in time to see "B" take his dirtnap!

Potions. Lots and Lots of Potions!



As I'm spouting off all the types of Taxes that were collected, a vacant boat just starts to sail by...
Something is up! 

TWO Trespassers! 


HAR! I nab the boat key from his corpse and board his boat in one swift move!


Believe it or not, I hire a few more Rangers and return to my boat in time to see Kanga sail by yet again!

This time, he leaves right away. However, I had a feeling he would return...

First Fujin recalls in and dies faster than I could blink!

Then Total Darkness, who lasted twice as long (which isn't saying much!)

Then, I make a fatal mistake! I see someone has hidden on the Boat upon recalling, and I try to throw a purple potion. 
However, I aim at the water by accident and the potion isn't thrown...it explodes in my pack, and hits
my fellow Pirates! They are outraged I have mistreated them, and declare Mutiny on Yblarbo Janks! THEIR CAPTAIN!

Before I realize what happened....it was too late!
Death, by my own crew!

One can't help but laugh at this moment! HAR! 

There goes any hope of them getting killed!

The landlubbers know of Janks, and the guy in the yellow text demands that rangers
be removed from the game ASAP! HAR!

oh Oh! While Chatting with them about how my death occurred, I was reminded that
my belongings were decaying on this boat! I bid my farewells, and gave them the location that they review
the time we had tonight. ( I thought about letting them on board, for I had three DP Trapped boxes 
on the boat...however if they know of CrazyJoe.game-master.net, they would be wise not to be opening
boxes, so I took off. 

here it is...oh...45 minutes later, and "b" is still in the Trance!

Then two days later :

Citing unsafe work conditions and horrible treatment by their employers, Hirelings Minimum Wage was increased from 70 gold, to 8,000. From what I saw this night....they are worth every penny still, as long as you don't mistreat them!