Episode # ? 

Captain Janks...joins factions!?!

It wasn't easy getting into that castle though....

That's right! I did! I wanted to try something mischevious out, and it involved me joining factions for a week (the plan failed miserably!) Good side is I was absolved of all my murder counts. Bad news is I couldn't behave for long! HAR!


Thou art the weekest link, HAR!

Not the boat key I wanted...but I sure did need those regs!

I'm Wretched, look at me! WRETCH! HAR!



That mare knows Janks be a lonely man, but it not be my type!

back to normal!

She sailed to land, and trusted me for a ress. I stand by my word and give her one...and notice she aint got that "Lady"
title no more! HAR!


ABU here refuses to pay any taxes. Well, I'll let him see what I think about that!



While ABU is getting TAXed, Darkmage Cats sails by! HAR!

And he attacks me with an Earthquake! YAR!

Now to go find that Darkmage since ABU has been justly TAXed!
Sure enough, Darkmage is in the Sea Trance and is casting Earthquake, and possing a threat to all that sail near!
I must save him before he really hurts someone!


ABU again! I don't think he wants to pay taxes....again!



OH NO! Looks like it's time for a stop and the "Stop n Rob"

Sebastian sails off...and I lose him. however, all is not lost :






There is some folklore about the sea that most folks don't know. There is a small island with a portal, where mages that gate their pets around sometimes lose their pets at sea! Well, today I sailed right by that island, and a horrible critter walked off of that island, onto my boat!

EGADS! I had to call in some help!


One mysterious thing about that island is that you can get "Wooden Planks" from there!
They are permanent, and only a Game Master can remove them from your boat. That, and Igore Ivonavich's!