Episode #58

Yblarbo Jank turns red Again!

Ever since OSI did the "Reprive" and turned all reds blue, I got quite upset, and didn't think about turning Janks back to red. However, it seems the Power Scrolls have brought out more boat macroers than ever before. Last week, I went out sailing and got me a few new boats, plus a few counts. Today, I finally turn red again!


I'm out with Firesong and some other hottie wench, looking for that last murder count I need. We find someone using an illegal
method to learn evaluation intelligence, and we must take action! Jas gives the two wenches a count, but not me! How Rude!

We wait around to see if Jas sends reinforcements, but alas we see none.

Gate Island seems to be quite odd today!

I get seperated from my wench, and run into Mephistopheles. After a few ebolts, he falls, and has a boat key!
Before we can dock, we must take care of someone's tamed Mare on the shores taking unkindly to Fire Song!



After curing a Polar Bear of the Sea Trance, Fireye sails right up to us! Now that's service! He is not in the Sea Trance and takes off.
We split up again, and Fire Song tells me there is someone named Dunadan Strider around as well, but they lost him. However, I find him!

While Dunadan Strider tells me there is some Pirates around and asks for my help, I coordinate with Fire Song to sail up from behind
so we may block him in!

HAR! He has no idea....

While I edumacate Dunadan on Firesongs Sexual Origin, I get an interesting message in ICQ. It seems my Siege Perilous guildmate, Rsynch
was going to try pirating on Atlantic tonight. And more importantly, his pirate's name was Dunadan Strider. WHOOPS!

I ress Dunadan and recall back to my boat. Since he knew me, I gave him a few tips, and Fire Song ressed his bonded Ossie.
However, Guildmate or not, he called Firesong a Man! And any pirate knows a small boat isn't smart on TOP of carrying a boat key! Well,
I must confiscate this boat in the name of good manners! I am still carrying his boat key and try to get him to leave his ship.

Dunadan is quite nervous about leaving his boat, and with good reason. I wait a minute or two and then recall back onto his boat,
Just as he returns from the bank! I have to make a fast getaway! 


We decide to call it a night. But when I log in the next day :

I guess Mephistopheles woke up finally and gave me that one count I needed! Finally,
now I can use field spells!

I am sailing around and see two people on a large boat sailing FAST going north, and not in the Trance.
I try to chase them for over 10 minutes but never catch up, so I turn around and catch them 5 minutes later and get to work!
Nobody sails faster than Yblarbo Janks!


After a long boat chase with the ghost, I'm able to finally loot a key from one of the corpses!

HAR! I find two boat keys!

And I find a Large stash of reagents!

Seems the HAR! Is on me, these keys are blank keys that were copied from the boat key,
so I can drydock the boat, lock it up...but I can't recall to the ship! I better not leave!

I try the classic Recall-hide trick to fool the ghost, sure enough he came out and sailed a bit more. (Note, there's 335 Ginseng)

After awhile, I get their boat! HAR!