Episode #57

Yblarbo Jank sails again!

Ever since OSI did the "Reprive" and turned all reds blue, I got quite upset, and didn't think about turning Janks back to red. However, it seems the Power Scrolls have brought out more boat macroers than ever before. Well, I had to see if this was true...

This is the THIRD time Janks has been blue.
Lets see how long it last this time....

After about 10 minutes of sailing, I find EnlargementSEVEN in the Sea Trance!
Instead of my old 'shoot first ask questions later' routine, I decide to try a much friendlier approach.

He didn't ever say anything in response...so...

Seems someone was in the Sea Trance and carrying a boat key, HAR!

As soon as I get home, it seems he woke up!

It's Norman! From Psycho I wonder. He's defiantly in the Sea Trance, and using Sea Scripts!

No key, but I get some much needed recall scrolls!

What was funnier, is about 2 hours later "Norman" visits the guestbook here!

Name: Norman
Sent: 16.28 - 2/9


Can't belive Janks would Pirate a fan. I made sure to give you a count to get you started again.

HAR! These comments make me laugh loudest. How was I supposed to know you're a fan ? Second, if you're a fan, then
you should know better than to macro unattended on the Seas of Atlantic! Third, if you weren't away, you would have been able to say


No key this time, but more Recalls!

Alchemie is stuck on the Server Line, in the Trance! He's also looking quite
pale, must be malnutrition. If so, I like to take this moment to advise sea-travelers to carry limes, it helps prevent scurvy!

HAR! All aboard!


Finally, someone at sea I can use my old tactics on!
And what a haul!

Seems Norman and Tramame woke up at the same time!
(The white text "You've been reported for murder" disappeared right before I took the shot!)

Well folks, that means only two more counts and I'm back to being red! As for getting back my 100+ Long Term counts, this may take awhile.