Episode #56

Yblarbo Janks, r33t exploiter!

One night at sea, I find a white wyrm just wandering the seas alone. 
This seems like a great time to raise my resist!

Mental Note : White Wyrms can cast Teleport and board your ship! 
I almost bite the dust! 

Seth tries to trick me by polymorphing into Mike the Mystic Llamaherder!
Then off to the right comes someone macroing Earthquake. Under normal circumstances I would go pirate them...
but tonight I am in a bind!

I didn't fall for Mike, what makes you think Gary will work? HAR!
With some careful sailing, I get Gary, err Mike, err, Seth kicked off the ship! HAR!

ARG! I forgot he teleports!


Later on that night, I decided I should call it a night. However, my recall spell wasn't working. On top of that, I couldn't walk. 
Something was going on....

but every 5 seconds, I would 'kick' onto land, and my house was GONE! 

What strange happenings were going on? I load up "poison elemental" and call in Kimm to go to my house. 
I wasn't seeing things, Yblarbo Janks WAS at my house. However, he was still on his ship!


Somehow by some freak accident, I duped Yblarbo Janks himself! 
Well, nothing much I can do but page a Game Master to assist me. 

Ok. I know it LOOKS like I'm not on a ship right now, but I just was!"
You would think if a GM sees you standing on water, something should say, "Something's really wrong here"
But no...that didn't happen. Just "Log out and back in" Hmmph!

Well. Nothing we can do but kill one of the Yblarbo Janks and hope the other one "connects" with him. 
Whats funny is once One Janks did die, I was OFF the ship and saw myself die...but then I was back on my ship again!


SEE! I told you! he's still here, and ALIVE!

I load Janks back up to see what he sees. Quite humorous :

The boat is gone still, but now I see Kimm and poison elemental! 
And check out that blessed Skullcap! HAR!


Egads! Same exact loot! 

Now, I know through a few contacts that there is anti-duping code in this game. The moment I tool this Jank's Loot back home, the loot from the other Janks all disappeared. This happened on March 30th. Well, with April 1st around the corner, I had to do something funny with this episode!

I post the following message on the UO Boards and Thief forum at Stratics on April 1st:

Title : * Waves *

I discovered a new Dupe bug last week, and was able to dupe my pirate, Yblarbo Janks (Episode to follow I guess). Yup, you read that right, DUPE a CHARACTER. I had two Janks online at the same time, one at sea on a boat, and one at my house. I called a friend in to kill the one at home and loot him, then I got them to the boat to kill Janks at sea, and loot him as well.

Well, when a crafty person such as myself discovers a way to duplicate a character, ideas start flowing through one's head. Needless to say...I didn't get far in my attempt to make millions of gold.

* Shrugs *

If anyone wants to start camping my real estate, send me a line.


Let's get one thing straight. Everything I said up there is TRUE 100%.  In the words of Obiwan (Star Wars Obiwan, not fisherman obiwan), "What I said was true, from a certain point of view". 

 The truth is, I DID dupe Yblarbo Janks. I finished my business at sea and had to recall out. However, I ended up sticking on my boat, and every time I took a step I saw my house instead of the sea. After being confused for a few minutes and calling TWO GM's that could not help me, I figured out what was going on. I called in Morgan Lefay, the guildmaster of TAX  to visit my home. She saw Yblarbo Janks there. However, I saw Janks on his ship. She killed him at home and looted him. However, I was alive and well at sea! She came onto my boat, and saw me there as well...and was in shock, as much as myself. She killed him and looted the SAME IDENTICAL LOOT from the other Janks. We shrugged it off, and went on our business. 

The statement, "I didn't get far in my attempt to make millions of gold" is quite objectionable. I didn't even try to dupe Janks again, nor dupe gold...thus, I didn't get far in duping millions of gold!  I didn't say, "I tried to Dupe" now did I?  So the truth is, Yes, I did dupe Yblarbo Janks. Once my FTP client is working, I can upload the pictures. 

No, I didn't get banned...I never said that. 

The result of this TRUTHFUL POST?

Folks just assumed I was banned! I had 5 people message me asking where my real estate was located. I had more than 10 people ask me how I duped, and how I got caught. I had one person even offer me free access to a 3 year account with rewards in case I wanted to return and play (And if you check your ICQ logs Mr. You-Know-Who, I NEVER admitted I was banned! I took forever to reply to you because I had to word everything just right!)

But the fun didn't stop here. 

Well, news of this 'dupe'  spread over the Ask Chopper discussion boards, and I had to go register there to dispute a few individuals that decided to lie through their ass and claim 1.) they were in my guild and 2.) I tried to sell them my dupe method and it was fake. People making false claims like that discredit me and my guild, and I wanted to set the record straight.  Xtasypimp82 - Thou art a Liar!  On top of that, I was accused of being a Fake Crazy Joe!  Draegon, is this enough proof for you, or should I send you a lock of my hair? ^^ This is one good reason folks should avoid public bug-forums. Nobody knows what they are talking about often, and lies are a dime a dozen. I doubt I'll post there again, enough posters proved to me the reliability of the forum as a whole. 

Oh well. It was a fun April Fools Joke...mainly because I didn't even tell a lie, and yet everyone's assumptions let the joke ride! I wish I could scream APRIL FOOLS, but by the laws and stipulations of what makes an April Fools' joke, I'm disqualified. 

(Now hopefully some folks will learn from their first mistake of making assumptions! IE : Notice what type of information I left out this time around!)