Episode #55

TAX teaches them Looters and Thieves a lesson!

AHOY! Thats my small ship there in front of me. It's unlocked and filled with Loot
in the hold. Morgan Lefay, Polly the Parrot, and Anwnn are hidden on the boat to my right. 

And this is Crazy Joe, holding the key to the ship we all are hiding next to!
See where this is going? I see a gate open up just north of the Moongate, and I go to investigate....

Egads! House Gank! However, these gankers don't even take notice the to ship key. I guess they aren't ganking for loot. 

Crazy Joe returns to the moongate, and there are no thieves around. Oh well. 
May as well turn some folks into looters, and I target the guy with Vanquish Mace to my left!
I die very quickly, but "Gofast" swoops in to loot me dry. 

What a rude Looter! I wonder if he will take interest in the Loot in the hold....

Did I mention all the loot is inside Unlocked Deadly Trapped Crates? HAR!


That will teach Gofast for looting other peoples kills!


Crazy Joe visit the Yew Moongate and looks for someone else to kill and loot him!

HAR! Sackfungus somehow was able to recall out, but with Deadly Poison, I doubt he lived much longer!

Only a Tamer in Power Hour would loot a ship key and decide "I'll wait till my Power Hour is over to check this out"

Nobody really wants to steal from me, and I'm tired of dying. However, 
"Evil Stas" died at the moongate, and I threw the ship key onto his corpse! 

There's In Nox, Evil Stat's Looter!


Now take notice, I'm red, MOrgan Lefay is red, and the guy in the red dress (Alex de Large) 
is red! Then there is Anwnn and Polly, they are blue. That's it, got it?

Morgan informs me he tried to use the Party system to tell his friends he was ganked by 12 REDS! 
(He failed to inform them that a deadly poison box also attacked him)

Don't forget, we carry communication crystals! This is the snap shot from Morgan's Journal. 
He typed a ? instead of the /
I hope In Nox's friends see this and realize what a bluffer he was! HAR!

Back to the city of Buc's Den, and I attack Setzer who's gray!

However, "Tristan" steals my Ship Key! THIEF!

Tristan also recalls out safely...but doesn't make it far I bet!

Crazy Joe gets no respect from this Episode.

Lets try dropping that ship key onto someone elses corpse again! 
this time, Gofast isn't Looting. HAR! However, Bruenor loots and decides not to visit the boat. 

I despise town looters...lets go punish one! Zephyr takes the key after I claim I can't loot my own corpse. 

HAR! He didn't even make it to the hold, we learned he was a thief!



Another thief steals my key, but Malik chases him down and kills him, then returns the key to me. 
Well that wasn't fun!


HAR! Another Thief, one that steals at the Moongate from Crazy Joe!

While waiting for blunt's body to decay, "Lord Maro" hops onto the unlocked boat to check out the Loot
TRESPASSER! This is the boat of TAX!


Lord Maro doesn't even have a charged runebook, and he's a "Lord" ? 
(Well, he wasn't a Lord after ressing! HAR!)
I gate him to the Yew Liches, for that's the best I could do when he said he lives near there. 
However, the next day I had a pleasant entry in the Guestbook :

Name: Maro
Sent: 07.08 - 26/3

Ok you fool. I simply want everyone that reads this to realize you are a reject. You manage to kill people who don't fight back (whopee), and manage to kill others along with the help of 4 other people. Why don't you post the ganks you pull? I didn't think you would. I don't find you amusing, clever, or talented. You are an absolute fool and you are one of the many reasons UO is on it's way out. No one appreciates getting mob raped. Try actual PvP, not GvP (guild vs player). There is really no possible way for you to go up against any of my characters without the help or your group of idiots that you seem to call a guild. Want to know how to actually play? try fighting alone. I don't even know how can bring yourself to brag about how you managed to destroy video game characters that didn't fight back. I personally would be emberrased. Don't ever call yourself a pirate. Pirates actually try.

HAR DE HAR HAR! You shouldn't hop onto boats that don't belong to you Maro!

Zepher the thief returns and thinks he can hide from someone with 20.1 tracking! HAR!

Lord Maro was upset and called in some friends! (At least I think it was Maro, it could have been any one
of the people that robbed or looted Crazy Joe tonight!) Note to House Gankers - Meteor Swarm goes BOTH WAYS!

OH OH! The odds are even! Time to call it a night, eh Maro?