Episode #54

Welcome To Piracy 101, I'm Yblarbo Janks...your Professor for today...

Acourier pigeon just came into my house with a message from Morgan and Anwnn! Anwnn was in route to my house, and needed to be returned to the land of the living. However, he wasn't coming alone, and I should take great caution in who I resurrect. 

It seems that Anwnn (the dead one there) has someone following him to shore! 
It's one the overseers of our lands, Gamemaster Zilo! (Whom I have never met or heard of).

I have no clue what's going on, so I place my own boat in the water so I may board Anwnn's 
newly acquired boat to give him a resurrection. Shortly after doing so, Another ghost appears on board!
Now the presence of the Gamemaster is starting to make some sense...

Anwnn seems to have pirated a ship from Galandra. Galandra is most displeased with
the turn of events tonight, and accuses Anwnn of illegal activity. Gamemaster Zilo is here to investigate!
Being an expert on Piratin' and Boat looting, I decide to intervene and share what knowledge I know to prevent 
Anwnn from unnecessary jail time!

Since Galandra has refused to accept a resurrection from me, I must utilize comm crystals to understand her!
It's hard to read, but Galandra says, "I lost connection then they are on my boat with my corpse"

"I thought if it was locked no one could enter the boat"

Knowing that Anwnn isn't quite used to dealing with Gamemasters such as myself
(Oh you all don't know how many times this came up with Janks' victims!) I step in to give insight 
to tonight's perilous journey. 

"I am sure". I don't know what she meant by this. Perhaps she thinks I'm full of Serpent Shizzo, or 
she is impressed to meet a real pirate! * Parts hair and picks plaque out of his teeth * Heeeeey Wench!


It seems this GM Zilo doesn't know that the "telekensis" trick to open corpses was REMOVED
over two months ago! (oh do I miss that trick!). Galandra replies, "I don't know, I lost connection"
For GM Zilo's lack of knowledge on that deceased trick, I give him a D.


"I was not on the side"
"no way"

Well, It seems that Anwnn may have a hard time to convince Zilo of the truth. 
So it's time to open up "Yblarbo Jank's School for Piracy!" 

"how can they see me? " "talking"
HAR! The Janksian Broadcasting System is very elusive to many!

"how can it be proven?"

HAR! You 'will' be my test subject since you're sea (b)ass is on the line!

"Janks, can you loot him if he's in the middle of the boat?"

Looks like the Demonstration is going to be required after all!

"also GM, I saw them kill another guy on a boat and walk on a plank to his boat"
HAR! The Guildwenchmaster, Morgan Lefay, pirated someone from this boat, and
moved onto their boat! I ask Morgan, and indeed she has a boat with a ghost as well!

GM Zilo looks for the best seat in the house, HAR!

"Just grab one thing" "Ok"
Sheesh! GM Zilo telling me how to loot my kills! Next thing you know, I'll only be able to get 66% of this loot!


"but this boat is locked"
She doesn't realize yet that it was locked, and I looted the boat key. 

ARG! GM Zilo missed it too!!!
Both him and Galandra receive a D-. 
Anwnn gets a C. If he put his key in the boat hold where I couldn't get it, then he would have gotten an A+

"So you can be looted despite being on a locked boat"
Galandra gets a C+ now for that extra credit!

A+ For GM Zilo not jailing Anwnn and passing the Course!!  HAR!


BAH! No, "Thanks for the lesson Professor Janks!"
No, "See you next year !"
No, "Where is Lesson 2 ?!!?"

Perhaps I need to enroll in his course!

Well, Morgan meets up with us at my house, and they need to see what the
recently deceased status is. Stow-away-for-hire "Poison Elemental"
sees that both boats are indeed occupied !


As Paul Harvey would say, "now, for the rest of the story"

I stuck around with Kimm and Anwnn for an hour trying to out-wait the ghost. Finally, Balvidian's spirit was lifted from the vessel to go where good little fisherman go in the afterlife, and Morgan got her prize. Another half hour later, the spirit of Galandra finally lost cohesion and was taken to the higher plane as well, and that boat was docked.