Episode #53

Looking For Donations!

Ahoy! The Research Facility seems to be short on funds once again, perhaps someone is spending the grant money on Ale instead of reagents and bandages...so I must go to sea looking for donations from those not in the Sea Trance!

HAR! Within minutes I find "Gratefully Dead" at sea, but not in the Trance!
Notice he says, "Any more", for this isn't the first time I found him! He's eager to donate, and I give him
safe passage in the seas!

Map Guy here tries to hide from me, and declines a donation! After careful examination, I believe he is in the Sea Trance, and I administer treatment.
Map Guy has awaken from his Trance a bit too late however!

Well, even if he was not infected, he had nothing to donate!
Sea Gremlins must have cleaned him out.

Here I see two mages hard at work at Sea! Neither of them are in the Sea
Trance, so I try to strike up a request for donations...

But Vivi doesn't wish to donate, only collect! YAR! Thankfully I had Poison Field Pre-Cast!
I sail away, precast BladeSpirits and move back in --

Oopps, threw that bladespirit on the wrong Boat!

Ah! There's the right boat!

I could think of 15 more useful spells to cast right now besides "Clumsy".

"Woulds't thou flee in the heat of battle"


HAR! Look who I run into again!


How Rude! Is this any way to talk to a Doctor? Or a Pirate? Or a Pirate Doctor? NO!

Now he's done it!

HAR! Looks like someone was repressing a Ship Key! (I later learn the plank
on the right side was already unlocked! HAR!)

As I sail to shore, I sail by a familiar face!

A wonderful donation to the Research Center!

Well, looks like my success rate in finding a certain someone has gone up!
Here's "Ruse", the guy that always has his friend Markus II come in, and tried the other day
to kill us with a Dragon!


No Markus II today. Probably because Ruse was in the Sea Trance today! HAR!

I spot a boat moving and close in, just in time to see Shadey recall out. However, They do return a minute later!


Before I let her leave, I decide to give her some advice :

HAR! While she was gone, my stowaway-for-hire got on board just in case
she returned to put up a fight!