Episode #52

Back to TAX and Studying the Sea Trance!

Ahoy! Well, factions didn't work out, so it was back into TAX for me!

I am promoted from "Marine Auditor" to "Sea Trance Doctor!" Hurrah!

To study the full effects of the Sea Trance, I set down a communication crystal 
on one of my boats and turn it into a Observation post while I sail around on my main boat.

I find "Ruse" not far form where I left my main boat overnight. 
He's a thief, in the Sea Trance, continuously hiding on his boat! Poor Thief, time to give treatment!

The Treatment was a success! He woke up after his spirit was freed from it's mortal shell!

I notice a boat moving around to the west, but nobody on board. All of a sudden, a horse goes wild on the ship!
DraGeaN was hiding on board! He was in no Sea Trance, and  decided to lay down a few poison fields
on Janks! Good thing this research vessel has a few bags of cures on board!

Good thing indeed! I retreat while keeping myself alive and casting a few Dispel Fields to
secure the deck! Morgan Lefay, the head Wench of TAX, catches up to DraGrean just as I return!
He was gray to me, and I lay down a bladespirit that finishes him off in the end! However, I don't see his corpse on the boat! ARG! The Corpse must have fallen under one of the boards on the deck, and I must wait a few minutes for the bones to appear. 

Morgan gets a good supply of regs, which is payment for attacking a Professional Physician!

Not many folks fish in Felucca. And those that do are susceptible to falling under the Fishing Sea Trance! Observe :


It took about 8 Fireballs. HAR!

What a confused person. We conclude our medication has some odd side effects, such as indecisiveness. 

All of a sudden, my comm crystall tells me someone named "MiNdHeAvY" is spouting off "one forward"! 
Time to visit the Observation Post! I recall in, and MiNdHeAvY isn't in a Trance and decides to check out the
observation post!


Why o Why is everyone attacking Doctors Today!? It's not good for your health!
(But great for avoiding short term counts!)

While chasing around MiNdHeAvY, I spot yet another boat going by. This Observation Post is getting great use!

Jed isn't in the Sea Trance, and makes a break for shore! However I am determined to get a donation
for the Sea Trance Research Foundation any way I can!

HAR! Jed is the Human Plank! Anwnn makes it just in time to help loot the corpse...seeing how I'm in a tad bit of a bind :

Now for some quick background information. I just started taking snapshots again now that the page is online. However, for the past few days at sea I have run into one person that REFUSES to pay a Tax to sail in these waters. On the first occasion, he calls in his buddy "Markus II" and they kill  me. However I returned five minutes later and beat them. For the following nights, at least THREE times I ran into them again. Each time, they attack me on sight, and I have beaten one or both of them each time. I would think that by now they would just pay me a Tax and they can sail safely, but they are determined to just kill me. Well, each time they get harder and harder to kill....but tonight I have Morgan and Anwnn with me. I get a message after getting back to my main boat that they just found someone named Ruse, and I recognize that name...it's the guy who's always training, and calls his buddy Markus II in!!!

I miss the winning screenshot as I sail in (It's under the freaking Tracking menu!)
he says, "I am calling a GM for harassment". I guess he's upset that he's been found by Pirates yet again this week!
We quickly take out Ruse before his buddy Markus II arrives --

Only a matter of time until....

....Markus II arrives!

Was quite easy dealing with these folks tonight. I try to talk to them about
just giving us a Donation for the Sea Trance Foundation. However, I don't get that opportunity !
They called in a Tamer to assist them! 

Now, TAX has never had to deal with a Tamer with a dragon at Sea!
We notice "Buttercup" doesn't have a Pet License! Time to take care of her!

The Dragon didn't last but about 1 minute! HAR!

As soon as the Dragon falls, the Tamer pops out of hiding and starts to attack Morgan and myself!

But that doesn't last long! HAR!
Oh oh, looks like a hidden shipmate, "poison elemental" was harmed by the tamer, Cayuga!

And this shipmate was an innocent stowaway!
The crew of the damned takes off, and we lose them.

I wonder if we can find them again tomorrow night!

While Anwnn scouts the shores of Fire Isle, he spots a few landlubbers raising Resist ! Someone's on an unlocked boat while a mage summons demons...Well, little do they know TAX offers a FREE resist training course (without reservations too!)



HAR! 5 shorts at the end of the night, and I started at 3!