Episode #49

Nothing funny here. .


No loot, just a few regs!

I see a boat moving, and take a whiff of the cool sea air, and smell Zander Zayhas!
Time to start tossing purple potions!


There are two ship keys! One is a dead key and won't unlock the boat,nor recall to one. 
The other does allow me to recall to a boat, but something is blocking the location! Curses!
I keep checking that boat key every 10 minutes....

HAR! Not far I find Laffable in the Sea Trance! Time to toss more of those purple potions!

Now I grew weary, and decided to retire for the night. Crazy Joe wakes up and finds that boat key that was 'blocked' and decided to check it out...

Seems Laffable was blocking that recall spot! HA!

I awaken after hearing of the boat being displayed in the Janksian Naval Museum, and hit the seas again refreshed.
I find Numindu at sea, but he doesn't wish to pay tribute, and tries to flee! He takes off, and I find him again later...

...naked as a harlot in Haven! HAR! He doesn't feel very confidant in his abilities I guess and threw his loot in the hold,
and his spirit eludes me at sea.

Aint nothing nicer than finding a Perma Gray Thief at Sea! HAR!

Later I learn this was another character of the TAX Guildmaster! OOPS!
(Well, she shoulda known better!)