Episode #47

Why wont landlubbers just pay Tribute as asked?

Ahoy! I start the day with zero Short Terms! HAR!  Well, I've had it with Archery. Completely. 
I decide to study the fine art of Magic, Meditation, and Evaluation of Intelligence and forget the whole Archery nonsense. 
This poses one problem - my magery isn't enough to cast my favorite spells without scrolls, but my Archery has become ineffective! In a sense, I'm in offensive Limbo. I go shopping and buy  a few hundred bottles and a few kegs of Greater Explosions. Time to hit the Sea!

I think Summerstein was about to pay a toll...but...
It seems she cast Earthquake while haggling for her life, and hit poor Janks! Well, I hate being attacked, so I
started tossing purple potions over. Alas, the wench got away. 

I find this knucklehead working Earthquake as well! He isn't in the Sea Trance and continues to sail around me and avoid me. Finally in disgust, he recalls off his ship. I sail up ahead and wait for his return...only 5 minutes later he's at it again!

I don't know what's worse, someone that won't pay Tribute, or a rude landlubber!

I hope Loki McCabe has learned something about manners! He tries to escape and I offer to ress him. 
He decides to take his chances and lets me onboard his boat! HAR!

This is great! I may need these EQ Regs next week!
I tell the Landlubber he will get his ress, but I must wait 2 minutes so I can recall after I ress him -( since I looted his corpse
I can't recall for two minutes). However after two minutes, he was nowhere to be seen, I can only assume his spirit found
safe passage to a safer place. Oh well!

I smell something really offensive at sea, turns out it's Numindu!
He is not in the Sea Trance either, but refuses to pay tribute or even acknowledge me with 
words! ARG!


He survives somehow, and takes over the Server Line. He removes his armor and begins to shoot
bolts of Electricity at me! OUCH! Time for that Magic Cloak!

However, his magery was no contest for my fast purple potion throwing arm!

Vik wasn't in the Sea Trance, so I just gave he a single purple potion and let her go on her way.

I see a serpent corpse in the water, and forensics tells me it was looted by Jasper! I take my chances and sail north looking
for this fisherman that dares to travel in my Waters!


Like I said, why can't more people just pay their tribute?!