Episode #48

A thief, an Asian, and a familiar face walk into a ship...

Ahoy! Let's get started with what happened this night, shall we?


His plank is open, and I hope for a boat key, or any fine loot!
(There's Jasper, who purchased a fishing permit in the previous episode!)


The only good news is I didnt' get a count from him...how peculiar!

"Korean Power" seems quite busy today!

107 gold coins? This would be fine if I was at 5 shorts, but at 0, I want  more! 



A lonely pirate is a desperate pirate. 

GIX! I used to know a Gix, her thief, "Velona" was one of the best thieves I knew. 
However they have left UO and sold their accounts. Now, I thought Gix was a 7xGM mage - 
seems the new owner screwed up that template!


What a pleasure it is to finally have gotten something from Gix! 

Here's a familiar face! I hope he brought some tribute this time!

Again, he ignores me! BAH!


THIEF! I already had my suspicions and had a purple potion ready to throw!