Episode #46

Yblarbo Janks gets help from TAX/IGM 

Ahoy! I start my day off with only three Short Terms...I got some room for investigating more Sea Trance Infected Victims. 

LittlePeeWee wishes to ignore me, the first symptom of the Sea Trance!
LittlePeeWee wakes up halfway through the Treatment, and starts to resist...oh dear!
Looks like he has antibodies aplenty, better shoot in some more of that good stuff!

LittlePeeWee seems to have some hiding skill - however that only delays the inevitable treatment. 

Good news, he died on the edge of his boat. 
Bad news, he sailed over the server line and I lost him while trying to loot!
I did see a boat key on that corpse, but didn't get it in time, ARG!

I was conducting an analysis on Toje here, when Venom sailed by! Venom wasn't in the Sea Trance, and decided to play 
with Janks!

Venom went down quite quickly thanks to that magic cloak of reflections! Now, back to Toje!

I try and loot Toje, however he keeps the boat moving with a Sea-Script! YAR! When I finally get in 
boat looting position (and I saw TWO keys on that corpse) "Markus II" shows up and decides to kill me!
I can't tell my tillerman what to do, because I'm standing too close to Toje's tillerman! ARG!
Needless to say, Markus II killed me and defended the infected landlubber, Toje. 

As Murphy's law would have it, I pass by someone else in the Sea Trance 
While taking my boat to a safe place where I can't be looted or boarded! 

Jain here is in the Sea Trance, that's bad news for him. Good news is before I get into killing position, he crosses
a server line, and his boat stops on the North side of the line - I can NOT get into looting position! ARG! 
Alas, it seems today I can't get any loot - so I decide to administer treatment anyway. 


A few hours later, I set sail to sea once again. However, I hear that Adam Ant has released a new version of Grabby! (the program I take pictures with) I decide to install this program, and start taking pictures without reading "what's new". Well, something very new totally screwed up the rest of the evening. He added a "recycle" feature. Every time I take a picture, it names it "Grabby01.jpg" and automatically names the files up to "Grabb20.jpg" for the 21th picture. ANY picture taken after that is named "Grabby01.jpg" - which overwrites the previous 01 file. That means many pictures I have are the ones that were 'leftover' from all the picture taking. Good news is when I was sitting idle on victims' boats, I would kill time by going into Paint Shop Pro and crop/save the pictures I had - I didn't notice I was missing pictures until the end of the night - so I'll fill in all the gaps I can -- because this next story is a doozy!

Ahoy! I start the night off and se "Angel of Death" sailing Westward, which was very unusual. 
However, we came up to "Borack" sailing north as I normally see - so I had to decide which to test for Sea Trance!
Of course, Borack won - naked Victims take precedence over others - because it's surely their lengthened state of infection at sea that has driven them to exhibitionism.  
Borack has all the classic signs - casting EQ and failing repeatedly, not responding to my Ahoy's, and
not realizing he's stuck trying to sail through another boat! 

And Borack just so happens to have a Ship Key, and committing illegal acts!

Not bad loot at all!

Now if you notice, I had all the pictures for this one - the total shots didn't amount to over 20. 

However, several shots are lost now - I found "Dell" and "Trambo" sailing east of Magincia. Trambo keeps hiding over and over, while Dell is steering the boat. So Trambo seems to be in the Trance, but Dell isn't. I'm at 4 short terms and don't wish to go into stat loss, so I demand tribute from Dell for their safe passage - I want Trambo's Orc Mask. Dell laughs and offers me a "Corp Por" as tribute, but then takes off. Seems like there will be no Tribute for Janks...so I decide to go ahead and fulfill my end of the bargain by not allowing them safe passage. 

While the boat is moving, it's hard to get a clear shot on Trambo - and he hides again. Fine. I'll go for Dell...
after all he has a boat key!

I plop down a Bladespirit while they try and get away, and take out Dell very quickly. 
Trambo wakes up in time to taste the wrath of the Blade Spirit!

I find the boat key, and invite myself on board!


Now a lot of pictures are missing. I took the boat to a server line, and Trambo stayed on board, and seemed to be AFK for most of the trip. I sat hidden on the server line hoping to see him leave, but he never did - so that's when I decided to kill some time and go crop and save the pictures you saw above. What you don't get to see is that Dell decided to get on his boat and come sail to Trambo - and when getting next to us, started to cast Blade Spirits! Now I had a boat key on me, and the recall spot was blocked by myself. I was in Stat Loss, so I recalled home, and loaded up "Crazy Joe" the Treasure Hunter to return to the boat. 

Since it was late in the night, I decided to go ahead and give up - and they can have the boat. Trambo left and a new mage returned. While looking for my rune to recall home - both Dell and the mage decided to kill me, on their boat! I gave them both murder counts of course...and Dell turned RED! Needless to say, they won - they were going to have the boat - but now that they decided to kill me I decided the boat will be mine! 

Janks summons his favorite wench, Cara Delacroix to come assist in the boat capture - seeing how Dell carried the OTHER boat key to this boat! If we could get that key from him, then the boat is ours! Plus, Dell was red - Cara wouldn't' take a count! She came,  and tried to kill Dell but was killed herself. So now Cara's upset and wants this boat! I thought the battle is over, but unknown to me Cara calls in TAX to track us down and kill Dell, and they meet up with Dell on the Shores of Fire Isle....

I'm still dead on the boat with Crazy Joe, and the troops arrive by land - I thought they were coming 
by sea, which would have been wiser seeing how Dell can easily pick up the anchor and take off!
As the troops arrive, Dell and Cleveland (Trambo's mage?)  hide on the boat. 

As I suspected, they brought the anchor up and took off, Cara's efforts were thwarted!

Dell was so close to dying red...but Clevelend dispeled the gate just in time!

Since I didnt' know what was going to happen and they were sailing around, I decided to crop and save the pictures you see above. By now I notice something is wrong - there's only 20 pictures here, and I'm curious as to where are the pictures I cropped just 30 minutes ago. Before I can investigate what's wrong, I finish all the pictures in time to see that Cleveland and Dell foolishly left their boat in hopes to drydock it for themselves - did they forget I'm on their boat?!

Dell picks up the boxes and recalls off the boat, and Clevland is on the shore trying to drydock...
I raise the anchor, and take off like a bullet!

I coordinate with Cara and her crew, and stop the boat in time to recall onto it, and one of them opens a gate
to get the entire crew on board! Oh my! I didn't know Cara has this kind of posse! 
(I didn't mention it, but I locked the boat key down in my house!)

For their efforts, I rename the boat accordingly.

(I would go back and add Cleveland's name, but it won't fit!)

What about all that loot from Trambo and Dell? Easy! I threw it all in my boat hold before I took off!

There's that orc mask on the right side that I ask them for!
Imagine that - if only Trambo was there to hand over the orc mask, I would have left them alone!!