Episode #45

The Sea Trance is spreading again! 

Today was a strange day for me. My first New Year's Resolution was to do more honest work, so I decided to go fishing! 

Not far from my house I find an unregistered Polar Bear! I fish up a serpent with a MIB, and
then a boat comes sailing by from my right...I quickly disperse with the Serpent and take off after the trespasser. 

Alas, he was smarter than the ones I've encountered lately, his boat was locked. 
However he seems to be inflicted with the Dreaded Sea Trance!

Sadly, all test results indicate he is indeed in the Sea Trance. 
Time to administer some painful antibiotics!

HAR! All isn't lost quite yet!

Notice it says, "YOUR Ship's age and contents have been refreshed!"
That's right, MY boat. Not his, MINE! Next time GM Halona tells me otherwise I'll point her
to this text that rightfully declares ownership of this boat!
I just realized a huge blunder, I came on board without dispatching the Mare!
I summon the assistance of a fiesty sea Wench I know to come assist me...

Cara Delacroix, a wench that tolerates my flatulence and bad breath for far too long! 
She's a real sweetheart, but I swear she's out to steal the Silver Prosthetic tongue from me...


I throw the stinkin' mare carcass overboard and start sorting out the rest of my loot.
Since archery sucks, one day I may use all the reagents I plundered and become a mage instead!

45 minutes later, he finally left MY boat!

I got a letter from my good friend, Crazy Joe of Napa Valley today! 
He tells me about the sad news that the Sea Trance has spread to the sea of Napa Valley and
he was forced to take action. Sadly Joe doesn't use grade A Antibiotics, he uses "Bash Therapy". 

As luck would have it, Joe found a ship key!

He gets a murder count, even though Jinjiro Satsu never woke up from his Trance, 
and continues to say "Forward One" for quite some time. (Lately, I've been getting counts from killing
those with the Sea Trance as well...seems OSI is doing something to the Murder Menus that isn't good for me!)

And Crazy Joe ended his day on a good note!

Now then, back to Atlantic, I ran into another tresspasser at sea. This one didn't stop for me, and when I bumped his boat
he did a few peculiar commands to his tillerman and continued on his route...and didn't take notice of me. Something is very fishy!

Well, his plank is unlocked! I come aboard to investigate.

All test results indicate he's in the Sea Trance! But the good news is his Tillerman
ignores my commands....that's because Tamarkin is carrying the boat key!
(FYI, our boats are still sailing slow forward, that's my boat under us!)

Sure enough Tamarkin had a ship key. But it seems his spirit 'wakes up' every time
the Tillerman Screams, "Ar, We've stopped sir.". This Tamarkin is not only in the Sea Trance,
but is stuck using a Script, which is Diagnoses as the Sea Script Trance!
(Highly lethal and illegal!)

Every time Tamarkin here's the "keyword" his Macro kicks in. Observe:

"stop" "Left" "Forward" "Slow forward" are his words I think.

I call in my favorite Sea Wench to come see my new "toy".


HAR! He finally left after hiding for 30 minutes!