Episode #45

Yblarbo Janks goofs it up. 

Ahoy Mateys, it seems the many past months I've spent dealing with those in the "Sea Trance" have finally gotten the best of me, for I'm not used to dealing with patients that are lively and awake...

The night starts off fine, as I run into this chap, "Linx's Devil". I try to stop his boat and stir up some
conversation, one of the first precautionary test of Sea Trance Detection. 

My second test, the Vessel Security System Check, is also performed...and it seems there's a flaw in
Linx's Security System! HAR! Well, Sea Trance or not, Janks always can use a new boat! I even get near the tillerman and whisper "stop" into his ear and he doesn't listen to me, which shows Linx's Devil is carrying a boat key!!!

Linx's Devil responds very well to the Antibiotic Treatment and wakes up quickly!
Finally, a successful injection! 

Turns out both planks were unlocked, and he was carrying one of them fancy Dull Copper Forged kyrss's!

HAR! I spy loot in the hold! A new bandana and apron for Janks!

Egads, one more person that reports me to the Lawmen of Yew for curing them of 
Sea Trance, and I'm in Stat Loss!

Oh boy, maybe he has a boat key as well! (I can't test it, he's standing too close to the Tillerman!)

Unfortunately, he has no ship key, but he was breaking the law and using an Earthquake Scroll to gain!
He seems to be passing the time and reading some books as well, and has some odd
book about "Virtues", which I vaguely read were going to be introduced in our lands this year!

Looks like someone just woke up from the Sea Trance, and reported poor Janks
for Murder! ARG! I'm in Stat Loss! I recall to my house and secure the loot, and return under the most interesting situations:

It seems the ghost of Adric Wendel has summoned a friend who's ready to attack me,
and a bard named "Shekar" just so happen to be sailing by! Oh the delimna before me...
Shekar or some mage willing to flag gray to me! (Janks hates mages!)

I lose the mage, and concentrate on getting tribute from Shekar, but my plans are foiled quickly!

I don't have any wish to deal with a mage tonight, so I take off, and
begin searching for my cape of spell reflections just in case.

Shekar takes off! ARG!

But Kusaka quickly sails up to me. What's going on tonight?
It's busy as a drunk pirate in a bordillo!

If he wants to poison me, that's fine! I have cures, he flags gray, and Janks wins!

I keep hitting my "use refresh" macro instead of "use cure", which is a big blunder on my part!

While I start digging for the bow, I see him cast Ebolt - Not good!
Where was that magic reflection cape!!?!?!?

BAH! Stat Loss and dead!

Crazy Joe checks to see if I had any investments on my head...none! ARG!

While dead and "fishing" for folks to open boats, I ran into two more macroers!
cesmar almost ressed me, but then Adric Wendel comes around from behind us,
and he's in the Sea Trance once again...and his boat plank is now locked! ARG!