Episode #42

Still trying to get home... 

Ahoy Landlubbers! Tonight I'm still trying to head home, and once again I'm distracted!

I see Tyrinian sailing over the server line to my left, so I hop over to say Ahoy...


Hmm, he's not in the Trance...but I'm sick of this Girly hat, and
his floppy has is nicer...

Tyrinian thinks about the demands for about 1 second...

...and he takes off!

What most folks don't realize is when you're wanted by the law, 
you have all the time in the world to sit around and wait...a minute waiting is like a minute taken
off your Short Term Counts! I move my boat to the north and watch him on my map.

After 15 minutes, he returns and just as I planned, sails north right into me!

The Nerve!!!

BAH! A Newbie Hat it was!

Thanks to Patch 14, that little trick I used to use doesn't work anymore...
No matter, I got more tricks!

HAR! We was training alchemy at sea! I get quite a booty of Reagents
and potions! I sail off to sort through my loot, and then hit my house to drop it off. 
When I return, a very suspicious boat is parked next to me all of a sudden...

thorn arrives and apparently see's the corpse on the boat deck that I can not - and 
starts to loot...however, that corpse is blue to him and he turns gray!

I decide to get him to chase me, while I precast blade spirits...but his 
plan was to hide from me, COWARD!

Of all the times for the Blade Spirit has obeyed my command, today it fails me :(
It targets me, and thorn opens with an attack while I sail off to hide so it can retarget him, while  he safely dispels it. 

I lose him over the server lines, yet again....

Oh Praise ! My first infamous boat was named "the Filthy Whore"
Must be from the same boat manufacturer!

Dirk here looked like he was in the trance, but he took off like a bolt, and recalls. 

However, it seems Dirk's Plank was unlocked! CURSES! If only I checked first!
No matter, I decide to wait for him to return as well...

What a rude boat!

I wake up a few minutes later, and Dirk is back, and neeeeeeekid!!!
I bet he dropped a load when I came out to surprise him!

And yet again, Dirk get's away!

This time, I set another trap near my house. I drop the anchor and
hide on land - because I can bet money "Dirk" won't return naked...

BAH! He anticipated my trick, and took off before I could board his boat again!

Orion here wasn't too far where I left my boat when I returned, and he's in the Sea Trance
casting Earthquake..however he isn't breaking the law and is actually using reagents, and
actually did cast it, and hit me! ARG!

Har! His spirit doesn't awaken, and I commence a Lootin'!

Not a bad haul for today! I got enough Greater Cures and Heals to last me another attempt to reach home!

HAR! I got new headgear!!