Episode #41

The Long Voyage Home  

Ahoy Landlubbers!

In case you didn't read the news lately, I am retiring pretty soon. The Real World has some complications, 
and I must deal with them soon. However, there's a boat in T2A Crazy Joe used for mining, and it must sailed it to my Retirement Home, and whom better to sail this boat but myself! You never know what I will find on the way...

Not soon after I pass through the Serpent Pillars do I find "damion". 
He's not in the Sea Trance, but he's also not in the talking mood. He keeps casting Earthquake
and asking me to move! The nerve of this landlubber, telling Janks where to sail! 

As luck would have it, damion has his ship unlocked! and he's carrying Tribute for Janks! I decide
the first order of business of course, is to secure the boat! 

And then proceed to looting, and scold the fool damion for his disobedience!

Looks like Patch 14 has a new glitch - you used to see, "remains of damion", but now we get "bones"
Either way, the decay rate is still the same, FOREVER!

Now here's where things get hairy - I can hear someone casting recall but not appearing...
that's because I'm standing on the recall spot. I hear him cast about 3-4 times then a pause for about 10 seconds. 
He does this for about 3 minutes, and it's apparent that he's desperate to claim his boat! However, I have that same goal in mind. I send a pigeon to a trusted friend, and Kimm arrives to stand on the boat while I prepare to drydock it....

I stood on the shore, while Kimm here sat on the boat. As soon as we heard him recall a few times, 
she jumped off the boat while I had my last-target macro on the tillerman, and drydocked the boat in a flash!

So I gots a new boat to sell...but my other boat needs to be where I am now! ARG! 
Back to sea!

Back to my boat, I spot Aleksandra nearby, what a busy area I'm in!
I precast Bladespirits and she takes off! ARG! I'm in no mood for anyone tonight! I mess up my Blade Spirit, 
and try my luck again on her planks -both locked. 

Guess I'll have to deal with her the old-fashioned way! HAR!

While I'm sailing around trying to loot her corpse, a friend named "Zeth" shows up. 
I try to strike up a quick conversation about ressing Aleksandra...but he takes off! ARG! 
Jank's doesn't like unsociable landlubbers!

Only one way to take care of unsociable landlubbers that keep sailing away from you!
He sails to the left, right over the server line, and I cross over....

...I can't see where he went, but immediately find this guy stuck in a Sea Trance!
What's with all the trespassers tonight?!

Tummy was breaking a law! Using a Earthquake scroll to gain magery or eval. int!
I lost sight of the two tresspassers from earlier, but according to my Murder Counts -
Zeth did indeed die! 

(Note - 97% of the Pirate's work is just sailing all over the place)

I hope over another server line and quickly find "SpawN" I don't know what's going on tonight, but folks are everywhere!
And on top of that, his boat is unlocked as well!


And I gots a pretty new hat, but no sight of a boat key. 

I run into Mastermind not far from where I left off...and 
He was one of the most irate landlubbers I have ever seen!
I looked all around for some wench to knock boots with, but I saw none...who is this wench he wants me to do?

While I was looking for that wench, he got away. ARG!

Not far from Mastermind I found this serpent corpse...sadly I just missed a fisherman! 
(I would have had a heart attack if it said "obiwan")

Looks who's exploiting again!

Short Term Counts are at 4, and I retired at sea for the night. I guess I'll try tomorrow night to get this boat home!