Episode #40

More exploiting than you can shake a walrus at 

Ahoy Landlubbers!

Tonight I decide to take to the sea and look for trespassers,
 I almost gave up after half an hour, but ran into a poor soul stuck in the Sea Trance!

I sit here for over a minute, hoping James M'real really could cast Earthquake and
attack me by accident so I could be cleared of all murder allegations in case I must administer antibiotics. 

After a few minutes, I gave up. This man is so consumed with the Sea Trance but wasn't able to 
cast Earthquake, action must be taken!

What's that I see by his pretty lantern? HAR!


No wonder he was casting Earthquake and never hitting me, he only had 
5 scrolls and a few regs...obviously he was doing something declared illegal
by the Court Judges of Yew! 

I go sailing for about half an hour, hoping James' spirit would leave this vessel. 

After half an hour, it still hasn't. 

But I soon find the most peculiar NPC at sea, Guy the Artist!
What was really odd was he was casting recall and hiding repeatedly, but 
not going anywhere. Worse yet, every time I hit his boat, his spirit would talk to the
tillerman to move his boat around, then he went back to recalling and hiding. 
This was no NPC artist, twas an Imposter! 
This was a most peculiar habit, one I read about called "The Sea Script Trance"!

I administer the antibiotics, and his script keeps moving him around...
Damn that Script Sea Trance!

Now this script trance was really nasty, he  kept the boat
moving no matter what I could do, looting this corpse isn't going to be easy...
(And thanks to Patch 14, Arrows no longer block boat movement)

I snag a ship key off him, and can't seem to get the recall scrolls on his corpse. 
Hold a tick, recall scrolls and a ship key?

ARG! Another person doing something deemed illegal by the the Yew Courts!

With some tricky maneuvering, I was able to plunder his ore as well,
all while the boat was moving! Pretty damn crarfty if I say so myself!

I try to move the ore around and lose it, and I can't stop now, 
I'm pursuing this Artist! (and still waiting for James to leave!)

Grr, still with me after another 25 minutes!

It seems the long sailing came to an end when I cornered this artist at shore!
I summon the Royal Court Advisors to come kick this ghost off his ship, it's late tonight
and I want to drydock my new prize!

GM Oynx shows up and kicks James off his boat, and I'm finally able to claim the boat officially!

I really need to start looking for a new house!