Episode #38

French Servent Boys? 

Ahoy Landlubbers! Aye, it's been awhile since I've been to sea. It's been very quite the past few weeks, but I got word today that Eric the Red and Alastair have captured FIVE boats! Sounds like it's pretty busy tonight, so I head on out!

Grey seemed to be a simple target, so I opened fire, but he quickly responded with 
a flamestrike and poison. I normally hate mages and turn around and take off, but notice I only lost about
15% health on the flamestrike and my bandage already caught the poison, so I turn back around to deal with him...

I had my bladespirit cast, but do did Gray! AARRR!
I died sadly, and had to recover my belongings minutes later, only to meet up with Alastair. 

Alastair found a nude woman playing with a ghost, SICK SICK SICK!

oh oh, Seems Liane is in the Sea Trance!


HAR! It's hard to see, but there is a boat key! 

The ghost of Liane finally disappers, but the ghost of blackjack awakens! 
I throw down a com-crystal to help us understand what he has to say. 

DOH! Com Crystals do not translate foreign languages at all!

Only one way to understand the ghost now...

And this thing was supposed to be better after localization?!?!

ok, this is just too freaky, French Servant Boys?

We decide to try the old "sail to land and hide" trick to get the ghost to leave.
Alastair ressed me, and I did the Recall-Hide Trick as well as him.

Well, our plan failed! An Axer and Mage pinpointed our location and quickly came on board!
I may be a bloodthirsty dirty pirate, but I'm not stupid! I got the hell out of there, and recalled to
my boat that was just north of where we were now. Alastair got to his boat as well, and a fellow pirate assisted us in
luring them from land out to our boats at sea!

I drop a BladeSpirit, but now there are two mages, the axer, and our frenchy
on the boat! The bladespirit quickly gets dispelled and I take off to think of a new tactics. Macaine, the other pirate
with us was already killed, so now it's only me and Alastair.

I try a poison field, but I'm low on mana, but two water elementals come by to play with Cimo and black jack! HAR!

Alastair dies to one of their bladespirits, so now it's 1 vs 3, very bad odds!

I decide to retreat and consider it a loss, and help loot and ress Macaine and retrieve Alastair's loot - he was dead in Stat Loss, so the night was over for him!