Episode #37

Say Hello to GM Helona! 

Ahoy Landlubbers! I was awakened this morning by the sound of a boat sailing by, and I didn't hesitate to 
drop a blade spirit on those that woke me up from my slumber...ah yes, I was dreaming of a blond tuna 
by the name of Saspirilla....oh wait, anyway I dropped a blade spirit...

Seems this saturday morning Alonzar was working on healing with his friend, "a ghost"
Not in my waters, nor on such a gorgeous morning he wont!

Alonzar wasn't in a sea trance, and made a mad dash to avoid the blade spirit, 
no matter, I'll administer some Sea Trance Penicillin!

Oops, wrong medication!

This man was prepared for a disarm thief that's for sure!

Guess what I found while looting his corpse! 

AHOY! Horse meat and corpses for everyone!
Now I start to get suspicious when 'a ghost' isn't moving. 
I only have 30 minutes or so to claim the boat, but I'm afraid "a ghost" 
is stuck in a Sea Trance. Worse yet, there was so much loot on that corpse, 
I can barely walk. No matter, I move his boat closer to mine, and throw some
stuff in the hold, but there's still quite a bit of loot, so I hide it on my boat somewhere, and
get rid of my vanquish bow just in case I should perish later on! 

Since 'a ghost' still hasn't moved and is standing in the same spot for 20 minutes...I try my recall trick 
and then summon the gods to see if he is indeed stuck in a trance, and if they could please lend me a hand
in getting this boat in my pocket....

It's a quite Saturday Morning, and I start off quite well in the queue!

However, it seems the ghost wasn't in a Trance, he was letting his friend 
know where I was! Rixus was able to find me quite quickly, but I took off and survived!

Before I could cancel the queue since I now knew the ghost wasn't in the Trance, 
GM Lady Helona shows up, and she doesn't look happy....

At least she's blocking the recall spot!

oh my boat, did I say MY boat? Oops! I meant
'possibly mine'? Oh dear. She doesn't seem happy to see me!

I decide to educate her on AAR, we consider ourselves the unpaid misunderstood
observers of the sea! Perhaps she could understand why I am bugging her this fine morning!


I missed it, but she asked, "Can I do anything else for you?"

Doesn't hurt to reply when asked....

I wasn't paying attention, she just stepped off the recall spot!

AWK! That GM Wench hath tricked me!

AH HA! I got a gain at least, all is not lost!

The GM Halona pleads innocent, rubbish! She was an accomplice to this royal ass kicking of Janks!


My executer tells me he can't spirit speak, so he does the next best thing!

HAR! An interpreter!



I take my head and then take my leave! HMMPH!

I return to my boat, and ask you - do you see where I stashed all his loot?