Episode #36

More Weekend Patrolling 

Well, there seems to be a few people I ran into earlier in the week I forgot to tell you all about...

A few days ago, I found 'kade' at sea! He's related to obiwan!
He took off the instant he saw me, but I was determined to kill him and not go home empty handed tonight!

We must have sailed for over 10 minutes when...

He finally hit land!

Three nets and one MiB, and another suit of plate armor! HAR!

Flounder did manage to recall out, but I took his fish!

Arkyn sent word to me he found a person stuck in the Sea Trance! I set sail

Anyone that dresses anything like that thief Crazy Joe should be killed! 

Lord Arkyn foolishly decides to attack as well, locking his karma and ruining his fame farming he spent so much time on!

I didn't even notice Everyman was on a mount, and not just any mount, a nightmare!
Hmm. I could use some resist gains...

No gains, but I got a good meal!

Now, as for Sunday night, I decided to follow a few AAR along and see what we could run into, 
and shortly Eric the Red joined us!

I awoke to a message from Alastair, they boxed in a landlubber who was stuck in a Sea Trance!
However, upon my arrival he awoke, and the pirates of AAR attacked, however the infected was able to
recall out alive, Darn! However, he left an interesting boat name behind!

While we wait for that individual to return to his boat, I see a boat on me left side
sail right by, I alert the other pirates and we all flock to the passing boat, occupied by one Butthead!

Before Butthead knows what to do, we surround him!

Butthead has very good hide though, and we have a little trouble with him!
Eventually, we did get him and just as we start to loot his body...

 "Lateralus" shows up to loot Butthead's Corpse! Since they are not in the same guild, 
Lateralus turns gray looting Butthead's Corpse, and becomes a free kill!

HAR! Lateralus fell on my side of the boat!
BUTTHEAD however will be a tad more difficult to loot.

Difficult, but not impossible!
I was all out of cure potions today, but it seems I found a good place to restock! HAR!

It's very difficult to see, but the corpse with a tribal mask has a large double axe, which I later learned was a Power Axe!

I had trouble getting Butthead's corpse, so I had to move for another pirate to check it out, Eric. 
However, something went a little wrong in the quick maneuver to keep our victim boxed in....

I regain my composure after a minute, and Eric looted Butthead's body. However, they saw another boat
sail by manned by "Phoenix". I turn by boat around, and take my headings, but they state they lost him.
I take a while guess and head forward right, and rune straight into Phoenix!

Now I missed the next screenshot, however he said "Try again! you all can't catch me!"
So...I did what he requested, I tried again for the other pirates, and let them know I found Phoenix!

What poor Phoenix doesn't understand is his tillerman is now deaf!
He isn't going anywhere!

Almost immediately Moridin shows up, and he's just as hysterical as Phoenix was!

He gets close to the tillerman, however he's already boxed in!

HAR! he fell right where I could loot him!
30-40 of each reagent and...

Har! Corpse loot for everyone!