Episode #35

Just another Saturday night...with obiwan! 

Here's where I start my day...

Ahoy Landlubbers! Remember my favorite victim, obiwan? The guy that made me a millionare? 
Tonight, iIt all started out innocently enough, while I was sitting in my house eating fish, when
all of a sudden Alastair shows up to show me something...

HAR! Alastair has gotten lucky, and found the "Dane Black" of the sea, obiwan!

Alastair has parked his boat near obiwan's, and I visit to take a look at it. 
I decide now's the perfect time to test my new idea, The "Janksian Broadcasting System (in mono only)"

I put a broadcast crystal on the 'victims' boat, and I put the receiver crystal 
in my boat hold. Then when I return to my boat, I should be able to hear anyone talking
in the general area of obiwan's boat! 

 As I hide a few screens back from obiwan, I hear him
return and talk to his tillerman, and I easily follow him and find him!

Now mind you, he said a lot more than this, but I just want you to get the general idea
that I was able to hear every single command he gave his tillerman, and I was several screens behind him
and able to find him!

Finally I decide to test my theory that obiwan doesn't speak english.
Every time he does talk without a macro, I get those awful >>.. prompts, and I REALLY
would like to know how he fishes up so much loot! However, it seems obiwan's
Tillerman is now deaf, as mine often is!


obiwan realizes quickly his tillerman is deaf! I am beginning to suspect he simply doesn't know
English, which is a shame because I really would leave him alone if I knew his fishing secret!

I try spanish....

Thai, then his name with a polish twist. Lonegamer tries Japanese.

obiwan doesn't respond well to First Contact, and tries to take off, but that tillerman is really deaf!

Well, obiwan isn't going to be much of a talker, so we decide it's best if he returns to fishing
and we can kill him again later.

We reorganized, and went back to hunting for him. Just seconds later, Alatair and Gunther found "johnny" not far from us! After almost killing johnny, obiwan reappears on his boat, times out, and they find "johnny" again! Both use the same GM smith, and I can only conclude it's the same person!

Soon after, 'uodelta' shows up to loot what's left in obiwans hold. I bet money uodelta is johnny and obiwan !
After I see him take 10 nets, I attack, seeing how he's in a lootable spot!

Everyone else comes out to say hello, after I almost kill him!

Alastair tries another idea of mine to prevent him from getting to a 'safe tile'
Works well! howver, while we tried to position our boat to loot his body, he
saw a gap open and took off. We had to have chased him for at least 5 minutes, when he FINALLY lost us.

I have two boats, and my 'decoy' boat is parked on the server line. I place a new broadcasting crystal on my server line boat, and carry a receiver in my main bold hold. This way, if I'm on my main boat and I hear someone, I know someone's sailing right by my other boat, and I can recall there to kill them!

Lonegamer claims she killed someone, she's the only one that sees the corpse, the
rest of us simply don't see it. I position the boat for lonegamer to loot the corpse (which according to her is right in FRONT of the boat mast).

My boat hold says "says i honor thee"! That's my receiver crystal on my other boat, someone's sailing by, but they are on
the other side of the server line so I don't know their name! Lonegamer and Alastair board the boat (turns out the corpse we can't see had a boat key!), and I decide to visit my decoy boat to see who's sailing by...


Turns out "eric the red" is "loDoWn" and Bloody Falkane is with them, and they beat me to
The tresspasser (Big Pimpin), who we see on the left! Lonegamer then ICQs me, it seems that
she can't drydock her boat, she's unsure, but it seems a ghost is on board. I log out Janks, and log in
Crazy Joe, who runs over dead to Magincia docks, and sure enough, "Zac Fisher" of LLTS is on there, and he's being really quite.I try and trick him and tell him lets sail to a city and he can get off, and ress and get a key, while I hold the boat
for him and make sure Lonegamer won't drydock it! (but you know once he's off Lonegamer's at the boat ready to dock!)

Well, on the way to a safe place for him to ress and bank, I get totally distracted as I sail right into
none other than obiwan, on his boat plank again!!!! I decide to dump Lonegamer's boat plan and
board obiwans boat, and then call in Lonegamer to come kill and loot him!

Lonegamer starts to looting, while I look for an aquatic wandering healer.


I find a ress, and lonegamer takes a tally on obiwan's loot, 35 maps!

They finally leave, and obiwan returns to send his boat on a blind voyage, while I
sit on the nose of his boat hidden hoping he goes fishing, but he simply times out.

Not more than 30 minutes later, Alastair finds 'kade' near the same fishing area as obiwan,
who I also suspect is obiwan! What a night for everyone else but me...I haven't gotten anything

I leave obiwan a book, and the URL to this webpage!

An hour later, I sail right by "Boomer", and let Mr Wiggles do his thang!

Notice Boomer is standing right in front of his mast, that's a lootable spot!

I Lose connection mid-looting! I can't believe it, and quickly log back in...

ARR! He's gone!

But I managed to loot ONE thing from his corpse before crashing!

ARR! I gotta wait two minutes before I can recall!

I decide to start sailing north in hopes to find him...

When I can recall, I see he's on the move. I do actually find him, and
sail ahead of him to stop his boat, and I have recall precasted, and his boat key aimed
to recall the second I stop his boat!


As I sit and watch my body decay at Ocllo, a few old friends sail by to
compare boats and corpses with me! Eric is dead on the boat, and tells me my ghost has
finally left my boat, which means...

I got something after all in this night!

Sigh, almost back in stat loss!