Episode #31

Captain Janks Recruits, Plunders, and Kills! 

While on patrol for infected people at sea, I run into Celtic Crow, holding a big stick and looking at a sleeping llama.
This raises some suspicions....

He asked me to stop firing, and hid. I take it he wishes to beg for his life...
Since I am in stat loss, and hate to sit for another eight hours for him, I give him my attention.

HAR! He wishes to pay Janks pitance, and join AAR!


I spend the next few days sitting on my boat just fishing, and getting out of stat loss. I soon recover to a nice comfortable level, and get back to patrolin' the seas!

WarWizard is in a deep Sea Trance, he never noticed running right into my boat,
and nor did he respond to my Sea-Trance-Anti-Bacterial-Arrows!

I don't know what peostitues are, but they are naked!

HAR! I was able to board his boat!

It takes forever for bones to decay...Just forever!

oh, did I forget to mention War Wizard had a boat key on his corpse? HAR!

War Wizard finally awoke, and gave me a murder count, some thanks
I get for saving his mortal soul from the Sea Trance, HMPPPH!

Hmm, a boat just so happen to sail up to me and stop. How odd.

Time to toss a purple potion and find out what's going on...

AHOY! Jackal seems to be stuck in a Sea Tranceous, Cultivarus Hidingus!

Let's try those Anti-Bacteria Arrows again...


The wench Sara Sandscript from a few weeks back, her tailor is "Jaxana Ambermoon!"

Jackal also awoke later, and wasn't kind to me.
I need a new HMO carrier.

ARR! She did get away!

Oh boy! I found WarWizard yet again! Perhaps he wishes to give me a new boat?

He's not in a Sea Trance anymore, but he's a certified carrier of the disease, and must
be dispatched again!

oh darn! I was so hopeful! It seems WarWizard is breaking a law, and using a dead boy key
to raise his Skills, it's a good thing I stopped him again before the higher court found him!

oh oh, it seems Molchun has come to seek vengance for WarWizard's death!

Well if he wants to see me, he can just ask nicely instead of resort to magery!

Unfortunately, the "Real World" presented me with a crisis, and I had to flee the battle to attend to it.
I went back a few minutes later to look for Molchun, but he was nowhere to be found, GRR!

I sailed by a mage named "Naga Rajah", and decided to try some magery of my own. I cast Blade Spirits and
threw one onto his boat deck as he sailed by, then I caught up with him in time to see him fall!

He too was under the Sea Trance for another 4 minutes, but did awaken to
report me for murder! What a busy morning! 0 to 4 in the span of 3 hours, I decide to retire for the day!