Episode #30

Perma Red, finally!

Ahoy! Let's get straight to it, shall we?

First up for Sea Trance Testing is Angel! She's playing lovely music, so lovely it's hard to continue shooting at her!

HAR! She has a nice rump for someone stuck in a sea trance!

However, she called up the aid of a friend to go to the boat to dispose of Poor Janks!

Magicious shows up, and I fire before he has a chance to see what's going on..

Magicious takes off like a bolt of lightin', and I pursue...

Crossing server lines is always amusing...

Without UOasssit, I forgot to manually use a bandage and target myself - which was my big mistake...

Sensing my doom, I quickly put myself in the non-lootable spot on my boat, and captured this
great 'pre-death' shot, you can even see my last arrow going for Magicious' gullet!

However it didn't pierce him hard enough.
Now we can see Angel is still here!

Well, seems it's time for a visit to Scoundrels' Cove for a ress!

Angel gave me a count, and it seems I'm borderline Perma Red!

I decide to hide in the middle of a stack of fish...
maybe this will prove to be a good defense?

Boot quickly turned his boat around and I lost him over the server line.

I got one more hit on Angela, and she lost ALL BLUE health, but still was able to recall, and I
didn't receive a murder count, so I assume she also lived.

Half my fish quickly poof as soon as Defiler sails up, ARRG!

Defiler was stuck in a trance for quite some time, but then a Murderous Yoda showed up!
Oh oh, I don't think I reapplied my magic reflection lately...


I underestimated Yoda, he healed up quickly and started the explosions ebolt combo, and took me down to 15 health.
Since I am now in Stat Loss again, I ordered the tillerman to take me to safety!

All murderers were pretty happy when OSI changed the "I must consider my sins" replies. However, we lost a little piece of UO Novelty with it. I was so looking forward to the day I would read, "you are known as a murderous brigand", I'll just have to settle on Ping Pong #5.

About 30 minutes later, I found Defiler again, and stuck in yet another Sea Trance!!

EEK! Stealth boat!


After a few minutes, Defiler awoke and gave me another count!
Looks like I got some idle sitting to do tonight!