Episode #29

Lag Shmag, I got a new boat!

Ahoy! Today I be sailing around, and sailed by Slang, a man known to be a murderer!

I am in stat loss right now, so I been behaving all day, but I do consider killing this man
for not being allied with AAR, but maybe I should inquire if he is a pirate and he wishes to join AAR, that
would be the courteous thing to do for a fellow murderer. For all I know, he is trying to help me control the Spread
of the Sea Trance!

Aye, I am in combat mode, but didn't mean it and double tab out to strike up
the proposal for him to join AAR.

What the....He attacks and I lose consciousness for a few seconds! Well,
in landlubber terms, I lagged... badly, and thought I was under attack and a goner!

But when I regain my composure, it seems Slang is dead!
Ok, what just happened?!?!

Oh boy. Seems Slang attacked by accident, and since
I was holding my bow, I automatically starting shooting and didn't realize it.
For once, Lag was on Captain Jank's Side! (unlike that Tillerman)

I explain what happend...but realize he may have no clue
I experienced lag...

Hmm, whats this, he's giving me permission to board his vessel? Don't mind if I do!

Oh boy! Well folks, I'm a greedy pirate. All negotiaions for recruiting Slang are now null and void!
This ship would be worthy of selling on the second hand market for more "Sea Trance Research"!

Time to loot and skadoo!

After 10 minutes, Slang's spirit finally leaves the ship.
I gotta kill time for his corpse to decay, and even try to throw it overboard!
Surprisingly, the graphic tile for his bones do go overboard, but not the actual corpse. Darn!

Just when I got my free boat and my adventure was over....

HAR! I am stuck! There is now way to get in front of the AAR house, and
I ask Lonegamer to go make sure my recall spot in front of the Town Hall was clear of the City Guards!