Episode #28

One Deaf Tillerman and a side of Gank Please! 
Thank you please drive through...

In previous episodes, you saw where my tillerman be a little deaf, and won't listen to me. 
Well, today I learned that tillerman needs to be fired - for I swear he's out to get me killed!

The day starts off quite innocently really. Jarlaxle is stuck in a Sea Trance. 

After realized how deep his trance is, I sail alongside him and 
ram into his boat, and then proceed to extract his spirit from the mortal prison that
the Sea Trance has created for him. 

He is freed after only two hits! I stick around and see if his
spirit is quickly awakened and wants a resurrection....

After the body turns to bones, I leave my calling card on his deck in case he does return later. 

As soon as I drop the book, Jarlaxle awakens from his Trance!

Later this night, Alastair ICQs me that he found my book. Turns out, he didn't just
find it, him and Eric the Red were sailing around and killed Jarlaxle and was able to loot him -
my book was on his body! HAR! 

It seems he has enlisted the services of Fish Fishburn to 
aide him in retrieving his belongings. However, I believe only 
Jarlaxle is entitled to retrieve his belongings, Fish Fishburn has no legal claim!
I begin to attack, and he is quick to defend himself!  


I really do hate mages, I have not yet finished my training in resisting spells to a level I would be proud of, 
but I feel pretty confidant one mage can't be too much trouble...

I was so happy to see that he gave me that Dexterity Bonus that helps me
kill him faster! In truth, he's setting me up for one painful Mindblast, I must
kill him before he gets the chance!

I blinked and he was down!

Now, he may be calling in more friends, and I wish to loot his corpse 
peacefully...so I plant a short-term surprise for anyone wishing to interrupt Janks from Looting!

Not a bad Haul, Here's some new clothes that I desperately needed!

I need to get some more arrows and scrolls, and reapply my magic reflection. 
I sail off to the side some to get organized again...how I didn't realize this was setting myself up for a mistake..

I get organized and sail back to the boat, and foolishly without precasting a Field Spell or Blade Spirits...

I return and there are not one, not two, but THREE Mages 
waiting for me to make my pass! 

And that's when the Tillerman became deaf at the worst possible moment...

Luckily, I was standing in a non-lootable spot. How funny to see the landlubbers 
think my belongings and feces was going to decay, for I called in Crazy Joe later to come loot
my corpse and throw my things in the hold. Well, my belongings at least, I let the feces decay as my victor wisely suggested. 

Then I had a few words with my Tillerman. 

Later that night, I wanted to raise resist, so I sail off to Skull Island to attack the 
wandering healers and wisp that frequent the island. Before I knew what was happening, 
a group of treasure hunters, "TrEaSuReHuNtEr and Silver Knight spotted me and attacked!
And guess what, the Tillerman was still deaf!

I get a ress, and return to deal with those two mages, after 
informing Ruffie and Alastair of the going-ons. 

I return and had fire field precasted, Alastair is on the boat to my very left. I said
"Forward" upon throwing down the field, but the tillerman AGAIN ignored me!
SilverKnight spots me again and rushes onto his boat. 

Seems there are three mages on this island today...DRAGON II wasn't here
earlier, and well...you know what's about to happen right?

Yup. Again the Tillerman ignores me, even when dead! Apathi is another Mage
that joins the complany. My big mistake was not casting bladespirits, which would have
kept them busy even after I died. I see demons to the side of the screen, these men are 
digging a Level 5 Chest! ARR!

I hate so many mages in one small area, and know the best tactic is to throw as many 
purple potions as possible - it disrupts their casting no matter what, and if I carry around 50
I'm sure to take them down. I ress and return, and attack the FIRST BLUE NAME I see upon returning. 

However, that one blue name wasn't the treasure hunters, but some Pirate Assistance I inadvertently called in when
getting Alastair and Ruffie here...It was Eric the Red and his friend, whom we apparently made a truce with!

That's the Eric that killed me some time ago at the Minoc Cliffs! However it seems we now have a truce, and
they don't hold a grudge on my "attack first ask questions later" policy that I have on my ship.


Well, it seems the Treasure Hunters were done and left the island, everyone else got here a tad too late.

Now then, onto other business:

I'm hiring one new Tillerman.
The only requirement is that  he must pass a rigorous Hearing Exam.