Episode #27

Please don't Tease the Pirates. 


Now I admit, a lot of people get away from ol' Pirate Janks. However, some don't simply 'recall', they like to tease the ol' man, make him angry, and leave only after they beat down his spirits and make him cry like a little girl. Well, today I didn't cry, nor did my spirits get too low, but one man got away after toying with me like a cat toys with a mouse. Therefor, I place a bounty of 5,000 fishsteaks on the head of this man. 

Dar'viera be the man I seek. He seemed to be in a trance, however he was very alert, and quick to sail away!

Arrrr he says? This man be wanting to dance with Captain Janks?

Yblarbo Janks : "Ye be a worthy chase!"
Dar'viera : "you sail like a mongbat, AARR!"

Dar'viera "Keep Trying"

He be toying with Janks, Not nice!

I try to trick him but he too good 
(Actually I had to stop the boat and start again just quick enough to open the hold 
and get some poison field scrolls)

I double click over and over, hoping to catch a glimpse of him when
he reveals himself, and touch the tillerman instead!

Finally he isn't paying attention and sailed himself into a boat,and I block him in!
He's trapped!

Come out Come out wherever you are!


Sigh, I left him a book, and I hope one day we can settle this score...