Episode #26

Janks killed Who?!?!

Ahoy Mateys! 

Today be a very special day , for the Powers that Be finally allowed me to use a gift I received months ago before I became a murderer, an Ethereal Horse! Now when I disembark from my boat on land, none of you foolish landlubbers will be able to quickly kill Janks since he's got sea-legs! You wanna kill Janks, you better be ready to chase him! 

Now, onto what few trespassers I found today !!!



Here be the 'before' shots!

I be sailing around and find an empty boat. Like always, I use Tracking 
to make sure the boat is really deserted. Today, I found a boat
that wasn't deserted, and waited....

He came out of hiding, but I think he was stuck in a sea Trance!
I quickly opened fire, and took him down with ease! 

Later I find "Stinky Meat-Head". 
I don't like trespassers in my sea, especially Stinky ones.

Stinky Meat-Head was not stuck in any Sea Trance, and quickly sailed to the
northwest, however ran into another boat! I was quick enough to box him in, and
take him down!

Oh darn, he died on the side, but I can't loot him!
Very peculiar his spirit didn't show himself to throw words at me...

...then I realize why! The spirit summoned Rufus Dixon to assist him!
HAR! He started off with Paralyze! A foolish move against an archer!

I wasn't laughing much longer....his spells were strong!

AAR!! It be time I make my escape! I was down to 10 health!

Who didn't give me a count, but Stinky Meat-Head did!!!!

Now the rest of this story isn't one of Captain Janks, but of Crazy Joe the Young Thief.

As mentioned above, today the Veteran Reward System was reactivated, and Crazy Joe the young thief wishes to be a Stealth Thief Mage, and needs some training! Janks decided to retire for the day, while Crazy Joe went to go see if he can Grandmaster his hide, and he always carries about 20 Greater Explosions potions on him just in case he runs into anyone at sea stuck in a Sea Trance.....

uh oh, you know where this is going?


And just so you don't accuse Crazy Joe of stealing kills....

I saw the name "Who" appear to my side of the screen, and sailed over, and seems Who
was once again stuck in a Sea Trance and was blocked by another boat...
I pulled out my purple potions and started tossing!

I lagged out, and didn't capture the ever so lovely "Falling Down" shot!