Episode #24

Janks returns to the land of the living!

Thanks to the profits from johnny and obiwan, Janks has finally had his silver prosthetic tongue that Crazy Joe stole from him firmly attached in his mouth. So Please stop sending hate messages to Janks, it wasn't his fault!

Ahoy Mateys!
After many hours, I was able to return to the land of the living, with 3 short term counts - which meant one free kill before I was in trouble again! Today my spirit hasn't totally reconnected firmly with my body - I am experience horrible pockets of what you landlubbers call, "Lag". So instead of outright killing people, I will attempt a new approach today - Make my demands first, THEN attack if that fails.  Needless to say, it wasn't very comfortable for me!

I sail into 'sara andscrit', and it takes me awhile to get alongside her. Damn lag!
I resist as much as I can to not attack her.

It seemed to be a trance at first, or maybe she didn't know what to make of me?






Lag monster hit, and I awoke and she was gone.


That music drive me Nuts! I can't take it, she must go down! However, I lag again.
I lost my location, and sailed around looking for her, but instead found "Digital Doc"
looking for me to take vengance!


lag bites again!

Damn. And they are gone?!?!

I passed two more macroers at sea, and lost them due to lag. Geez, can't my night get ANY WORSE?
I decide to work on Resist Magic, and sail off to the Reaper Forest, however someone finds me along the way and I'm dead before I know what hit me.

Eric the Red is an experienced captain! I can't shake him on my horrible
connection! My body I think is on the side, and I don't want him the pleasure
of Looting Captain  Janks - time to sail off to where even he can't follow me so easily...

"Doracron" | Bye Bye Eric the Red, until we meet again!