Episode #23

And you thought a Dead Dread Pirate was harmless?


That's right, I really screwed up.

And I have some time to kill before I go on another killing spree.

So...you are wondering what a dead Dread Pirate in Stat loss can do eh?


Harrass the NPC Hirelings for one.


Yay! I'm back on a boat, my spirit feels right at home.

I find a guy training Magery, and follow him while invisible for awhile.
He's pretty curious how this empty boat keeps following him!
Little does he know Janks uses UOAM, and is linked up to a few other pirates on the
other side of the sea, and all he has to do is stall Gohan till they arrive!



I'm stalling, however my fellow Pirates ran into someone at sea, and are delayed for a few minutes.
Gohan gets tired of me and takes off!

But he sailes right into the side of another boat, and I quickly block him in!


What a friendly chap, he thinks if I'm red and dead, I'm harmless enough to chat with!
I get on ICQ and continue to stall him, trying to get him to open his plank so I can come aboard his boat!

Har de har har! Janks is aboard!

And here's those tardy Pirates!

Sigh, he recalls before anyone can land a single hit on him.

This is why Janks ALWAYS shoots first, and makes his demands later.

He recalls back onto his boat when nobody's ready, and recalls
back out upon seeing pirates all over his boat!

He gets back on ICQ, and we chat. I convince him to bring his "main" and take on the pirates.
Since he is outnumbered, he's allowed to cast ONE Spell onto our boat before we open fire.

He beings his NOX Mage

He doesn't know EV won't summon on boats...and the Pirates are getting antsy.

Alas, it seems everyone's cures went uneffected, and the big hitters fell.
The Pirates of AAR called a tactiful retreat while I stayed on his boat.

oh oh, they better regroup pretty quick! It's not even midnight yet and Atlantic is going down!

Well, that's what I last saw. However Ruffie did remain online a few more
seconds, and said the did indeed kill him. Badaxx ICQd that he is calling it a night,
and will be most displeased I guess when he logs in tomorow morning and see it was a tie!

Thanks for the Skirmish Badaxx, you're quite the man by not running away from the Pirates and facing them head on, we'll all be sure to be more careful next time we find you at Sea!