Episode #20

And even more Random Acts of Piracy,
and meet johnny, obiwan's twin brother!

I couldn't phleep lapht night, and in doin' pho I phtarted off d'e day out of phtat loph!

Time to phailin'!

After a phort while, I heard a man chantin' to d'e fouf.

Dan not a good healer, or a Mage. M-R needph to interview d'ere memberph more!

* Editors Note *
 Dash of Atlantic, who knows Dan, informs us that Dan just reached 99.8
Evaluate Intelligence, and then Jank's offed him! Ouch, that had to hurt!
Dan also had a boat key, however he stood in the proper place to be unlootable!


Dan not be in d'e phea trance for long d'ough.

I run into Craph Jr. again, and hiph lidd'le friend Durnik. Don't d'ey
remember what I told d'em yephterday!!?

Craph don't hear very good. He come back to loot hiph corphe, and I decide he aint good enough
to keep what he had on d'e corphe, and try to kiwl him again, but he get away.


Do my eyeph deceive me? He look like obiwan, he drephed like obiwan, he even
fiph like obiwan...but he be johnny? I waphte no time to try and take him down!

johnny not be in a phea trance! He got off hiph plank, and picked up d'e big fiph, and took off!
But Jankph won't let him get away d'iph time!

After about 10 minuteph, johnny ran into d'e phore of land near Phame dungeon!

Nowhere to run to now johnny!

He even have a corpphe like obiwan!


3 netph, 5 mibph, and 3 maph!