Episode #19

Janks gets tricked by a Wench! 

Ahoy Mateyph!

Today I woke up on my boat, and capht my pole and got me a pherpent wif a FOF! I be happy, but d'en I look over my phoulder, and here come a factioner right for my boat! I haven't even had me mornin' ale yet!

Rebecca lay hidden for awhile, perhapph phe not be in a Trance and
be afraid of Jankph? Phhe phould! D'iph be AAR'ph waterph!

I can phmell a llama a mile away. I am able to track Rebecca'ph llama
for quite phome time, and finally find it (and kill it too!) I hide and wait to phee
if Rebecca would return...phe did, and hid right away. What I found VERY ODD
iph d'at her corphe iph gone, but phe did have loot. Perhapph it fell overboard?


oh oh. Maybe Jankph forgot to demand  tribute firpht, kill later again!

Maybe phe be a phiren?


While I phit here and flap my lip, Rebecca took off!