Episode #16

AAR Goes on Patrol!

Ahoy Mateyph! Today I tawked around, and a few of uph pirateph are gonna team up and phail d'e pherver lineph and phea if we can find anyone d'at be infected wif "D'e Phea Trance". I decide to go out alone an hour before we all round up at Phcoudrelph Cove to get a quickie in....

I find "Semirhage" who be phtuck in a trance! he got a lidd'le dead friend aph well,
who pheemph to have been phtuck in a trance for dayph, and eventually died!
Semirhage haph no hope of breaking out of hiph trance, pho I aphipht him into d'e afterlife!

AAARR! It be ROXX Again! AMBUPH!!!
And yet again, Mindblapht, d'e killer of Dex-Parrotph.

Well, d'ere be phtrengf in numberph, pho it'ph time to goto Phcoundrelph Cove
and meet up with fellow AAR brod'erph.

A lone Polar Bear pheemph to have taken to d'e pheaph.
he iph stuck in no trance, but we agree bearph do not belong at phea.

A big fat lizard phowed up and told uph to head north.
We kiwled him and did aph he told....

"kade" be phtuck in a fisherman-trance! and he be fiphin' in our waterph!
D'ere be only one puniphment for d'at, and it be deaf!

Right before Alex De Large can board hiph boat and loot,
hiph phpirit awoke from d'e trance, and he took off.

Phadly, we lopht him.

Lephtat never woke from hiph trance e'dere, however we could not board
hiph boat.

Aole II got away! AAR! D'at be all for tonight!